Self destructive writer Dan Harmon claims he will one day found a colony of like-minded misfits. He’s appointed suit-clad gadabout Jeff Davis as his Comptroller and bearded dreamboat Spencer Crittenden as his Dungeon Master. It’s like a neurotic town hall meeting, often with alcohol and famous people.

Episodes 358

What’s Up My Twitta? 2019-11-14   MC Late 2019-11-07   Hershey’s Rorschach 2019-10-31   Mobile Pork Unit 2019-10-24   Nice Dunking, Cool Swishing 2019-10-17   Throw Me Under the Grassy Knoll 2019-10-10   The Cowboy Rulebook 2019-10-03   You Have Ten Seconds to Comply 2019-09-26   Creamweavers 2019-09-19   Bequeathing Teaspoons 2019-09-12   The Breasts Feel Fine, Wherever They Are 2019-08-29   Every Day is a New Hate 2019-08-22   Oh the Places You Won’t Go 2019-08-15   God Bless, But God Damn 2019-08-08   Poolitics 2019-08-01   Musk Balloons 2019-07-25   Ketel One, Audience Zero 2019-07-18   It’s Not Called Show-Friends 2019-07-11   Swinging Three Bats 2019-07-04   This Trident Has Four Dents 2019-06-27   I Was a Simpson 2019-06-20   Mon the Perim 2019-06-06   What If Dan Had Four Ears? 2019-05-30   The MacArthur Park Handjobber 2019-05-23   The Scootie Cutie 2019-05-09   No Recompense! 2019-05-02   High as Bat Pussy 2019-04-25   All Dicks Are Webbed 2019-04-18   Wolf Urine 2019-04-11   Jeff’s Joke Corner 2019-04-04   A Cardigan with Stab Holes 2019-03-28   Bootie Etiquette 2019-03-21   Get Off My Lawn, Words 2019-03-14   Aunt Tipathy 2019-03-07   Adam Ruins Harmontown 2019-02-28   WOKE AF HASHTAG 2019-02-21   Rise the Boats 2019-02-14   This Much Funches 2019-02-07   Goodbye Sam 2019-01-31   MC Non-Binary Chicken 2019-01-24   Rich Man’s NASCAR 2019-01-17   Amy Grant Made My Puberty and My Atheism Happen 2019-01-10   Rocket My Face Into Another Guy’s Face 2018-12-20   You’re the Good Kind of Fat 2018-12-13   Ducks Don’t Be Gay 2018-12-06   Live from the New York Comedy Festival 2018 2018-11-29   Twenty Sides of Booty 2018-11-22   Asexual Cowboy 2018-11-15   Firehouse Ghost 2018-11-08   Soft on Hitler, Hard on Dicks 2018-10-25   French Spencer 2018-10-18   Cholo to Cholo: Crackers Try 2018-10-11   Smiles Wider Than Their Faces 2018-10-04   Magic Shinto Hat 2018-09-27   Frog Complex 2018-09-20   You Can Freeze Me For Seven Dollars 2018-09-13   SuperNova 2018-08-30   We Do Right by Whatever You Are 2018-08-23   Rock Me Homo Deus 2018-08-16   Homeless Sapiens 2018-08-09   You Got That Baby To Tell The Truth 2018-08-02   You Can Live Forever Here at Bevmo 2018-07-26   Dadfished 2018-07-19   A Gold Medallion 2018-07-12   LIVE from The Cradle of Aviation Museum in Long Island, NY 2018-07-05   LIVE from The Wilbur in Boston 2018 2018-06-28   Grimlock Love Slimewave Pornography 2018-06-21   A Turd in a Slipper 2018-06-14   Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh 2018-06-07   The Roadhouse Jews 2018-05-23   That Brain, She Die 2018-05-09   All the Shingle Ladies 2018-05-02   A Ken Dolan’s Production 2018-04-25   They’re Coming to Get You Barbara 2018-04-18   Necrophilia Questions 2018-04-11   The Christmas with No Underwear 2018-03-28   If I Need a Gas Mask, I’d Rather Be Dead 2018-03-21   Let’s Talk About Prostate Massage 2018-03-14   Oh Hitler, We Hardly Knew Ye 2018-03-07   I Will Put Your Kids on Blast 2018-02-28   Cheapy Peepy II: I Love You Cheapy Peepy 2018-02-14   Cheapy Peepy 2018-02-07   We Could Disappear Up Each Other’s Asses 2018-01-31   LIVE From SF Sketchfest 2018 2018-01-24   How Much D Do I T? 2018-01-17   Don’t Let Him Wipe or Flush 2018-01-10   Orphan Don’t Even Have No Internet 2017-12-20   The Boy Who Ate The Most Spaghetti 2017-12-13   Dan Rates Every Animal 2017-12-07   Socialists Dress Like Spencer 2017-11-29   We Killed Charles Manson 2017-11-22   No Lime 2017-11-15   The Pearl is Ragnarok 2017-11-08   Cheese Stain 2017-11-01   Seventeen Chicken Boots 2017-10-25   Porcelain Birds 2017-10-18   Grodily Plausible 2017-10-11   Oym 2017-09-27   Pajampion 2017-09-20   Retired Ninja Quarterly 2017-09-13   I Change the World’s Oil 2017-09-06   Dan Harmon’s Top Five Shoe Jokes 2017-08-30   The Ian Bowers Birthday Special 2017-08-23   Down with Sighty 2017-08-16   No Church People Got No Hortches 2017-08-09   Epeephany 2017-07-19   Brothers Killing Brothers for Some Dank Memes 2017-07-12   I Don’t Want to Ghostsplain 2017-07-06   Harmontown From ID10T Fest 2017-06-28   Come Out and Fight Like a Ghost 2017-06-21   Everything is Sexy When You Trust Someone 2017-06-07   Your Description of a Birthday Would Make Vonnegut Kill Himself 2017-05-31   Explain Your World View 2017-05-24   God Made Us To Kill Us 2017-05-10   Adult Onset Pyromania 2017-05-03   The Final Meltdown 2017-04-26   Kumanji 2017-04-19   Blackest Friend in the World 2017-04-12   LIVE from the Chicago Improv Festival 2017 2017-04-05   My name is Johnny Varvatos 2017-03-29   Less Than White 2017-03-22   LIVE from Esther’s Follies at SXSW’17 in Austin, TX 2017-03-16   LIVE from the Cherokee Casino in West Siloam Springs, OK 2017-03-08   The Patron Saint of Acid Wash 2017-03-01   The Only Enemy is Stopping 2017-02-22   You're An Ant To My Cum 2017-02-15   Pacman Versus Garfield 2017-02-08   LIVE From SF Sketchfest 2017 2017-02-02   Health Care Is Good, Black People Deserve To Live 2017-01-18   I F_cking Love White Sh_t 2017-01-12   Harmontownunder: Sydney Opera House Night 2 2017-01-10   Harmontownunder: Sydney Opera House Night 1 2017-01-05   Harmontownunder: Melbourne, Australia 2016-12-28   Harmontownunder: Brisbane, Australia 2016-12-21   Charles Manson Shark Tank 2016-12-07   Anne Frank Kicked A Cat Once 2016-11-24   It Happened In Silverlake 2016-11-16   Night 2 At The 2016 New York City Comedy Festival! 2016-11-11   Night 1 At The 2016 New York City Comedy Festival! 2016-11-09   Walter Blanco 2016-10-27   I Wanna Shave With Me 2016-10-20   No On Prop 60 2016-10-12   Amazing Blades 2016-10-05   Live At JFL Toronto 2016 2016-09-30   ED-209 2016-09-21   The Medicine Of Attention 2016-09-14   JonBenét Gacy 2016-08-31   A Haunted House With A Glass Ceiling 2016-08-24   Pantyhose & Coconuts 2016-08-17   Kratom Barrel 2016-08-10   LIVE from Just for Laughs Montreal 2016 2016-08-03   Celebrity Highlander 2016-07-30   LIVE in San Diego 2016 (During A Comic Book Convention) 2016-07-27   I'm Drunk And High And Shouldn't Have A Podcast 2016-07-13   Pubic Hairs Travel Or Migrate 2016-07-06   A Lady Who Is Famous For Killing Her Baby 2016-06-29   Black Woman Against Over Here 2016-06-22   Simulation 2016-06-08   Flesh Thing Made Of Four Strings Of Dude 2016-06-01   Complete Access To Air 2016-05-25   Stop Singing And Make A Chair 2016-05-18   Problematizing 2016-05-11   What Did You Do To Norman Lear? 2016-05-04   Talk, Talk, Talk, Wounded 2016-04-27   Ghost Dinosaurs 2016-04-20   Give Black People A Chance To Hear Crickets 2016-04-13   Monochromophiliacs 2016-04-06   Pineapple 2016-03-30   Monster Man 2016-03-23   Donna Schrab Gets Things Done 2016-03-16   The Four Points Of The Triangle 2016-03-09   Auld Lang Schrab 2016-03-02   LIVE in Chicago 2016 at Park West! 2016-02-24   Strain Has A New First Name 2016-02-10   Disproportionate 2016-02-03   Sociopolitical Anal Beads 2016-01-28   LIVE From Magic City Comic Con 2016-01-26   Your Boobs Are Sick 2016-01-18   LIVE at San Francisco Sketchfest 2016! 2016-01-13   Press F To Control Fred 2015-12-23   Why Is It Called Lord of the Rings? 2015-12-16   I Don't Want To Die! 2015-12-08   Princess Spencer Crittenden Nipples 2015-12-03   Crazy Gums 2015-11-26   LIVE at The Gramercy, NY Comedy Festival 2015: Night 2 2015-11-21   LIVE at The Gramercy, NY Comedy Festival 2015: Night 1 2015-11-18   I Gymnastics Over To Her 2015-11-11   We Will Be There To Service The Aquarium 2015-11-03   A Little Handicap 2015-10-28   Live From The SeeSo Launch at the New York Television Festival 2015 2015-10-21   Confirmed By A Well Respected Arborist 2015-10-14   #CHIOPS 2015-10-07   Where The Moon? 2015-09-30   Peak Hitler 2015-09-23   NeuroTitties 2015-09-16   Sperm Count 2015-09-09   Pink Mist 2015-09-02   AWWW 2015-08-25   Firetruck 2015-08-19   While in Stealth Mode Press ‘X’ to Kiss Your Wife 2015-08-12   LIVE From UCB East in New York 2015-08-05   Poop Is Temporary, Money Is Forever 2015-07-22   LIVE from The Tin Roof in San Diego 2015 2015-07-15   Taye Brigston, the Littlest Show Promoter 2015-07-07   You Do Not Spam Fireballs 2015-06-30   White Guilt Kerosene On The White Guilt Bonfire 2015-06-24   Row, Row, Row Your Boat 2015-06-17   Where My Technochromes At? 2015-06-09   LIVE from Everything Is Festival 2015 2015-06-02   Easy, Sisyphus 2015-05-27   High Concept Humiliation 2015-05-20   Definitely Squatchy, Bro (LIVE from Bridgetown 2015!) 2015-05-13   Swastika Made Of Dicks 2015-05-06   Operation Metalbeast 2015-04-29   Retardinol 2015-04-15   Kiss On Your Balls 2015-04-07   The Jews Abide 2015-04-01   Hobos Don't Talk Back To Nobody 2015-03-25   LIVE at SXSW 2015 2015-03-17   Hologram Crawford 2015-03-11   Jesus Christ This Business Is Risky 2015-03-04   Dick Pic 2015-02-25   Wide 2015-02-18   Dogs, Cats and Danny DeVito 2015-02-11   DeMorge Do You Know Jamal? 2015-02-04   You Make My Shadow Run with David Cross! 2015-01-28   Dirty Little Potato People 2015-01-14   There's Nothing To Be Ashamed Of Except America 2014-12-16   Best Of A Bad Lot 2014-12-08   That's my wife's pie, you bitch! 2014-11-25   Ant Ball 2014-11-11   LIVE from Chicago with comptroller Dino Stamatopolous! 2014-11-06   Lets Teach Duncan Trussell How To Be Mean feat. Joel McHale 2014-11-03   LIVE in Houston, TX with comptroller Erin McGathy! 2014-10-30   LIVE from Austin, TX with LEVAR BURTON 2014-10-29   LIVE from The Roxie in San Francisco feat. Steve Agee 2014-10-27   LIVE from 92y in NYC feat. Gilbert Gottfried 2014-10-14   LIVE in Toronto feat. Bobcat Goldthwait! 2014-10-10   LIVE at the Vista with bonus Q&A 2014-10-05   LIVE from Seattle 2014 feat. Dino Stamatopoulos! 2014-09-29   Debbie Request Permission To Do Dallas 2014-09-22   LIVE From The XOXO Festival 2014 in Portland 2014-09-15   Oh, the Blimpery! 2014-09-08   Slick Rick & The Batman 2014-09-01   FlagCop 2014-08-25   Popeye Is Our Lord And Savior 2014-08-18   Fluid Levitation 2014-08-11   Dana Carvey Has Never Done Anything Wrong (feat. Tenacious D) 2014-08-04   Jaime Lannister's Hand 2014-07-28   I Make A 5 Stars 2014-07-21   Clever Girl 2014-07-14   Pakisnap! 2014-07-07   Game Recognize Game 2014-06-30   Death To Superman 2014-06-23   Tony Shalhoub Award 2014-06-16   Sleepy Canyoneer 2014-06-02   Paloma 2014-05-26   Boner-Hurt Kansas 2014-05-19   Live From Bridgetown 2014! 2014-05-11   HARMONOLOGY 2014-05-05   HARMONTOWN NIGHTS PREVIEW 2014-05-03   Long Brown Blood 2014-03-31   SWAN OF DURG-A-DURG 2014-03-24   Bill Martigans 2014-03-17   Live From SXSW '14 + Movie Q&A 2014-03-10   McConaissance 2014-03-03   It's Not Personal, It's Business 2014-02-24   Net Neutrality/Butt Fun 2014-02-18   CyberChrist and Stubnortz 2014-02-10   Live At Cobb's in San Francisco with Joel Hodgson 2014-02-07   My Whole Life Is A Smile 2014-02-03   Kiss Doesn't Get The Joke 2014-01-27   Constitutional Belieber 2014-01-20   Gender Neutrality 2014-01-13   Low Jack For Your Back Pack, Crackerjack! 2014-01-07   DICKS AND BALLS AND BEER 2013-12-17   Jim Belushi's Basement (with Mitch Hurwitz) 2013-12-02   Hot Dog With Lettuce (Laraine Newman, Dr. Chris Ryan) 2013-11-25   Harmontown At Largo (Justin Roiland, John Oliver, Sarah Chalke) 2013-11-18   Dangle, Dipping and Heel Popping 2013-11-11   Earthshine 2013-11-05   Carpool Diem 2013-10-28   Hug Me, Hug Me, Hug Me 2013-10-21   Selling Like Hot Snakes 2013-10-08   Morality 2013-09-30   From Kennedy's Assassination, To The Beatles 2013-09-24   Jib Jab Squeeb Squab 2013-09-16   Push The Button, Pull The Chain 2013-09-09   Gone Fishin' 2013-09-03   Cobra Customer Service 2013-08-26   Jolly Rodger 2013-08-19   Click Here For Bacardi 2013-08-12   Frequently I Am A Woman In My Dreams 2013-08-05   Tim Tums Are Where Cake and Vodka Go 2013-07-29   I Would Be Mega Black (James Urbaniak) 2013-07-15   Everyone in the World is Stupid 2013-07-08   Blinking 12:00 2013-07-01   USS Hubris 2013-06-24   Us Of The Dangling Wee-Wee 2013-06-17   Writing Tips From A Jerk 2013-06-13   I'm Like Very Science 2013-06-08   Blood on the Corn 2013-05-21   Language is Thought and Spiders are Black People 2013-05-13   Shahruz the Web Guru 2013-05-10   Go, Marbles, Go! (Duncan Trussell, Greg Proops) 2013-04-23   National Tragedy Special (Kumail Nanjiani) 2013-04-16   By the Power of Bored Audience Skull! (Kumail Nanjiani) 2013-04-15   Bikers Without Bikes (Robin Williams, Bobcat Goldthwait) 2013-04-08   Joe Jackson: Steppin' Out 2013-03-29   Jock Jams and Pearl Jams 2013-03-23   Felicity Wackamole (Doug Benson, Kumail Nanjiani) 2013-03-15   Procrasturbation 2013-03-08   Neigh Means Yay 2013-03-01   Dan Took a Shower (Kumail Nanjiani, Bobcat Goldthwait) 2013-02-21   Dudes and Goo (DC Pierson, Kumail Nanjiani) 2013-02-14   Harmoncountry: Los Angeles (Bobcat Goldthwait, Marc Maron, Duncan Trussell) 2013-02-08   Harmoncountry: San Francisco, CA 2013-02-03   Harmoncountry: Portland, OR 2013-02-01   Harmoncountry: Salt Lake City, UT 2013-01-31   Harmoncountry: Denver, CO 2013-01-30   Harmoncountry: Kansas City, KS 2013-01-30   Harmoncountry: Minneapolis, MN 2013-01-27   Harmoncountry: Madison, WI 2013-01-26   Harmoncountry: Chicago, IL 2013-01-24   Harmoncountry: Bloomington, IN 2013-01-23   Harmoncountry: Pittsburgh, PA 2013-01-22   Harmoncountry: Arlington, VA 2013-01-22   Harmoncountry: Providence, RI 2013-01-20   Harmoncountry: Sommerville, MA 2013-01-19   Harmoncountry: Brooklyn, NY 2013-01-17   Harmoncountry: Charlotte, NC 2013-01-16   Harmoncountry: Nashville, TN 2013-01-16   Harmoncountry: Atlanta, GA 2013-01-14   Harmoncountry: Austin, TX 2013-01-13   Harmoncountry: Phoenix, Arizona 2013-01-12   Turtle Panties 2013-01-10   Nanu Nanu, I'm Racist 2013-01-07   Adventurtunity Mobisode! 2013-01-06   Flesh Knife 2013-01-05   Everyone's a Rapper! 2012-12-05   Sand Pollution: The Journals of Young Morrisey 2012-11-30   Grumblesnakes! 2012-11-17   A Four Day March to the Butt's Expanse 2012-11-09   Don't Ask Black People Time Travel Questions 2012-11-02   Tyler Perry's Antisemitic Pickle Ziggurat (10.15.12) 2012-10-26   Back To The Future Part Kush (10.01.12) 2012-10-22   Death, Fascism and the Pursuit of Not Remaking Robocop 2012-10-19   Tylenol With Codeine (9.17.12) 2012-09-28   A Tuppence or a Shilling for Your Wainscotting (9.10.12) 2012-09-21   Examine Before You Fight (9.4.12) 2012-09-14   Cleft In Twain! (8.27.12) 2012-09-07   Cranky Mayors, Pink Hairs and Shoelace Cares (8.20.12) 2012-08-30   Atonement with the Mannequins and Butts (8.16.12) 2012-08-24   Confessions Of An Alcoholic Mars Rover (8.7.12) 2012-08-17   The Technology Of N-Words (7.31.12) 2012-08-04   If They Have Cubs, We're Already Dead (7.23.12) 2012-07-30   The Inception Of Girlfriends (7.16.12) 2012-07-20   Achieve Weightlessness (6.16.12) 2012-07-04