Finding Mastery: Conversations with Michael Gervais

I’ve been in the trenches with some of the best performers in the world – some who shift how we conceive what’s possible — others who have pushed their own boundaries — ranging from hall of fame athletes to action sport game-changers, entrepreneurs, Mixed Martial Artists, to musicians who influence the rhythm of the world. I’m Dr. Michael Gervais, and I’m excited to decode the many paths toward mastery and provide applied practices that we can all use to be and do more in our lives.

Episodes 319

Alix Klineman and April Ross: The Journey to Olympic Gold 2021-10-13   Dr. Gil Blander: Optimizing Wellness from the Inside Out 2021-10-06   Dr. Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence is a Trainable Superpower 2021-09-29   Rebecca Rusch: The Explorer's Guide to Self-Discovery 2021-09-22   Zak Williams: Mental Health, Processing Loss, and Finding Happiness 2021-09-15   Dr. Philip Zimbardo: The Psychology of Evil 2021-09-08   Katrina Adams: From Tennis Champion to Trailblazer 2021-09-01   Aaron Kirman: The Journey from Loneliness to Luxury 2021-08-25   Stephen Porges: How Social Connection Combats Stress 2021-08-18   Anne Morriss and Frances Frei on The Power of Trust and Maximizing Potential 2021-08-11   Chris Bosh on Finding Meaning in Life After Basketball 2021-08-04   Astronaut Steve Smith on Lessons from outer space and a near death experience 2021-07-29   Dawn Staley on Discipline and Mental Fortitude 2021-07-21   Dr. Jud Brewer on Unwinding Anxiety 2021-07-14   Adeline Gray on Being Driven By Inspiration, Not Desperation 2021-07-07   Matteo Franceschetti on Optimizing Your Sleeping Patterns 2021-06-30   Jordyn Wieber on Resilience and Managing Pressure 2021-06-23   Darin Olien on Rethinking What You Put in Your Body 2021-06-16   Dr. Richard Harris on Heroic Decision Making - The Tham Luang Cave Rescue 2021-06-09   Dr. Marissa King on Forming Intentional Relationships 2021-06-02   Per Lundstam on Why Curiosity is at the Center of Personal Growth 2021-05-26   Dean Karnazes on Finding Magic in Misery 2021-05-19   Dr. Katy Milkman on The Science of How People Change 2021-05-12   Joe de Sena on Facing Down What’s Uncomfortable and Finding Purpose 2021-05-05   Ryan Holiday on Why Stoicism Matters Today 2021-04-28   Joanne McCallie on Overcoming Mental Health Obstacles and Finding Peace 2021-04-21   Dr. Peter Attia on Perfectionism, Self-Discovery, and Emotional Wellbeing 2021-04-14   Tony Blauer on Redefining Your Relationship with Fear 2021-04-07   Dr. Marv Dunphy on Authenticity, Relationships, and Mastery 2021-03-31   Dr. Ethan Kross on How to Harness the Voice in Your Head 2021-03-24   Max Lugavere on Brain Health and Longevity 2021-03-17   Cal Newport on A World Without Email 2021-03-10   Dr. Trudy Goodman on Trusting You're Good Enough 2021-03-03   Morgan Housel on The Psychology of Money 2021-02-24   Dr. David Rabin on Adapting to Stress and Building Trust In Self 2021-02-17   Nneka Ogwumike on Creating Opportunities, Resiliency, and Confidence 2021-02-10   Alex Fiance and Ankur Jain on Solving the Affordability Crisis for the Everyday Consumer 2021-02-03   Jimmy Chin on Shifting Your Perspective of What's Possible 2021-01-27   Alexi Pappas on Overcoming Depression and Improving Mental Health 2021-01-20   Henry Fraser on Acceptance, Resiliency, and Gratitude 2021-01-13   Dr. Jack Kornfield on The Art of Mindfulness 2021-01-06   Lindsay-Rae McIntyre on the Evolution of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace 2020-12-30   Owen Eastwood on Creating the Optimal Environment for People to Thrive 2020-12-23   James Clear on Building Meaningful, Sustainable Habits 2020-12-16   Lauryn and Michael Bosstick on Refusing to Settle - Personally and Professionally 2020-12-09   Sergey Young on Adding Healthy and Happier Years to Your Life 2020-12-02   Decoding Disruptors: Race Forward 2020-11-29   Dr. Donald Hoffman on Why Our Senses Lie to Us 2020-11-25   Glennon Doyle on Her Dedication to Live with Integrity and Courage 2020-11-18   Andrew Weil on The Body’s Incredible Potential to Heal Itself 2020-11-11   Charles Duhigg on The Power of Habit 2020-11-04   Tianna Bartoletta on Why Conquering Oneself is the Only True Victory 2020-10-28   Wes Pfiffner on Why Light Exposure is Fundamental to Wellbeing 2020-10-21   Marshawn Lynch on Taking Care of Your Mentals 2020-10-18   Dr. Pedram Shojai on Bringing Your Attention In Line with Your Intention 2020-10-14   Jill Ellis on The Pressure of Coaching the U.S. women's national soccer team 2020-10-07   Rich Roll on Overcoming the Uncertainty of 2020 2020-09-30   Kurt Busch on Evolving - From Transactional to Transformational Relationships 2020-09-23   Becky Sauerbrunn on The Fleeting Nature of Flow State 2020-09-16   Mark Manson on The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck 2020-09-09   Randy Jackson on The "It" Factor 2020-09-02   Dr. Jamie Metzl on The Trends That Will Shape Future Generations 2020-08-26   Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon on What Actually Shapes Behavior 2020-08-19   Dr. Andrew Huberman on How the Brain Makes Sense of Stress, Fear, and Courage 2020-08-12   Cal Ripken Jr. on Why You Control Your Life’s Narrative 2020-08-05   Blake Mycoskie on Why External Validation Isn't The Answer 2020-07-29   Julie Rice on The Creation of SoulCycle and The Importance of Community 2020-07-22   Duane Brown on Reserving Judgement, Living with Compassion, and Combatting Anxiety 2020-07-15   Shea Serrano on Why It All Comes Down to Grit 2020-07-08   Kelley O'Hara on Responding to Adversity - On and Off The Field 2020-07-01   Pete Carroll and Michael Gervais on Living and Leading Authentically 2020-06-24   Travis Pastrana on Making the Best of Any Situation 2020-06-17   Soledad O'Brien on Standing Up to Racism 2020-06-10   Michael Bennett on Why It's Time for America to Look in the Mirror 2020-06-03   Dr. Melanie Joy on Cultivating Healthy Relationships 2020-05-27   Deepak Chopra on Our Limited Understanding of Reality 2020-05-20   Dr. David Fajgenbaum on a Second Chance at Life 2020-05-13   Special Episode: Leaders Navigating the Unfolding, Unpredictable Unknown 2020-05-10   George Karl on Getting to The Truth 2020-05-06   Trent Dilfer on Turning Pain Into Passion 2020-04-29   Sage Steele on Having the Courage to Speak Your Truth 2020-04-23   Marc Randolph on The Creation of Netflix 2020-04-15   Dan Quinn on What It Takes to Lead an NFL Franchise 2020-04-08   Scott Barry Kaufman on The New Science of Self-Actualization 2020-04-01   Special Episode: Decoding Disruptors ft. Theresia Gouw, Founding Partner at Acrew Capital 2020-03-28   Hilaree Nelson on Confidence in Consequential Environments 2020-03-25   Chip Conley on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs 2020-03-18   Levi LaVallee on Being a Student of Progression 2020-03-11   Special Episode: Decoding Disruptors ft. Shivani Siroya, Founder & CEO of Tala 2020-03-08   Garrett McNamara on Leading with Your Heart 2020-03-04   Jeremy Jones on Passion, Risk, and Managing Stress 2020-02-26   Special Episode: Decoding Disruptors featuring Cindy Eckert, CEO at The Pink Ceiling 2020-02-22   Sue Enquist on What Makes a Great Coach 2020-02-19   Chris McNamara on Courage, Risk, and Creative Expression 2020-02-12   Finding Mastery Special: Decoding Disruptors ft. Bozoma Saint John, CMO at Endeavor 2020-02-08   Mark Mathews on The Relationship Between Fear and Inner Drive 2020-02-05   Colin O'Brady on Exploring Human Potential 2020-01-29   Tony Blauer on The Art of Managing Fear 2020-01-22   Chase Jarvis on Unlocking Your Creative Potential 2020-01-15   Katie Arnold on The Power of Observation and Expression 2020-01-09   Jim Zorn on Putting Principles Into Action 2019-12-26   Raja Dhir on How the Microbiome Impacts Your Quality of Life 2019-12-18   Dr. Michael Breus on The Key to a Better Night's Sleep 2019-12-11   Missy Franklin on Being a Champion in Victory and Defeat 2019-12-04   Stephan Moccio on Authenticity, Rick, and Adjusting 2019-11-27   Ronnie Lott on Exhausting Every Moment 2019-11-22   Mick Fanning on Hard Work, Resiliency, and Sacrifice 2019-11-15   Angela Naeth on Discovery and Acceptance 2019-11-06   Brian Volk-Weiss on Following Your Intuition 2019-10-30   Tyler Lockett on Living with Alignment 2019-10-23   Corey Rich on Seizing the Moment 2019-10-16   Pete Carroll on The Art of Coaching (Live) 2019-10-09   Apolo Ohno on Competition, Olympic Greatness, and Transitions 2019-10-02   Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon on The Essence of Becoming 2019-09-25   Dr. David Sinclair on Slowing Down the Aging Process 2019-09-19   Katie Zaferes, #1 Triathlete in The World 2019-09-11   Tero Isokauppila, Four Sigmatic Founder 2019-09-04   Meb Keflezighi, Long Distance Runner 2019-08-28   Jemele Hill, Senior Staff Writer for The Atlantic 2019-08-21   Nolan Bushnell, Creator of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese 2019-08-14   DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love, NBA Stars on Mental Health 2019-08-07   Vicki Golden, Nitro Circus Freestyle Motocross Athlete 2019-07-31   Jermaine Jones, German-American Soccer Player 2019-07-24   Bethany Hamilton, Professional Surfer and Shark Attack Survivor 2019-07-17   Dr. Matthew Walker, Professor and Sleep Expert 2019-07-10   Georges St-Pierre, UFC Legend and Two Division Champion 2019-07-03   Dierdre Wolownick, Oldest Woman to Climb El Capitan and Mother of Free-Soloist Alex Honnold 2019-06-26   Matthew Futterman, NY Times Deputy Sports Editor 2019-06-19   Jonathan Neman, sweetgreen Co-Founder and CEO 2019-06-12   Akshay Nanavati, Marine Corps Veteran 2019-06-05   Abby Wambach, Olympian, Activist, Author 2019-05-29   Steven Kotler, Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective 2019-05-22   Jake Olson, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Athlete 2019-05-15   Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Trauma Expert 2019-05-08   Julie Foudy, U.S. National Soccer Hall of Famer 2019-05-01   Harry Gregson-Williams, Award-Winning Composer 2019-04-24   Dr. Tim Brown, IntelliSkin Founder/Creator 2019-04-17   Dr. Antonio Damasio, Professor of Neuroscience, Psychology and Philosophy 2019-04-10   Paul Rabil, Premier Lacrosse League Co-Founder 2019-04-03   Andy Petranek, Whole Life Challenge Co-Founder 2019-03-27   Brenda Tracy, Survivor & Activist 2019-03-20   The Process: The Finale (Ep. 7) 2019-03-15   Dr. Stephen Rollnick, Motivational Interviewing Co-Founder 2019-03-13   Cliff Avril, Retired NFL Defensive End 2019-03-06   Kevin Harlan, Sports Play By Play Announcer 2019-02-27   Soren Gordhamer, Wisdom 2.0 Founder and Host 2019-02-20   Dr. John Berardi, Precision Nutrition Co-Founder 2019-02-13   Matt Brady, Retired U.S. Army Major 2019-02-06   Suzy Whaley, PGA of America President 2019-01-30   Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors Head Coach 2019-01-23   Kevin Carroll, Author, Speaker, Creative Catalyst 2019-01-16   Herbert Wigwe, Access Bank CEO and Group Managing Director 2019-01-09   Scott Kriens, 1440 Multiversity Co-Founder 2019-01-02   Annabel Anderson, 5x SUP World Champion 2018-12-26   Brian Mackenzie, Human Performance Specialist 2018-12-19   Dr. John Ratey, Neuropsychiatry Expert 2018-12-12   Bobbi Brown, Beauty Industry Titan 2018-12-05   Forrest Griffin, UFC Hall of Famer 2018-11-28   The Process: 
Getting Company Culture Right (Ep.6) 2018-11-23   Brendan Kane, Business and Digital Growth Strategist 2018-11-21   Marty Callner, Award-Winning Director and Producer 2018-11-14   Dr. Brené Brown, Research Professor and Author   2018-11-07   John Brenkus, Producer, Director, TV Personality 2018-10-31   Dr. Daniel Chao, Halo Neuroscience Co-Founder 2018-10-24   John Donovan, AT&T Communications CEO 2018-10-17   Matt Jacobson, Facebook Head of Market Development 2018-10-10   Michael Murphy, Co-Founder of the Esalen Institute 2018-10-03   Javier Gómez, Champion Triathlete 2018-09-26   Dr. Mark Goulston, Suicide Prevention Expert 2018-09-19   Mark Healey, Professional Big Wave Surfer/Waterman 2018-09-12   The Process: Assessing the Founder/Company Fit (Ep. 5) 2018-09-07   Aaron Bruno, AWOLNATION Founder and Lead Singer 2018-09-05   Tom Bilyeu, Impact Theory Host and Quest Nutrition Co-Founder 2018-08-29   Michael Rosenbaum, Actor, Producer, Comedian 2018-08-22   Erik Vendt, 3x Olympian and WHOOP Director of Performance 2018-08-15   Dr. Marco Cardinale, Head of Sports Physiology, Aspire Academy 2018-08-08   Bob Wright, Former Vice Chairman of GE and CEO of NBC 2018-08-01   Rich Froning Jr., 4x Fittest Man on Earth 2018-07-25   Bob Hurley, Hurley International Founder 2018-07-18   Andrew Zimmern, Chef and TV Personality 2018-07-11   Reid Priddy, 4x Volleyball Olympian 2018-07-04   Des Linden, 2018 Boston Marathon Winner 2018-06-27   Peter Park, Fitness and Wellness Coach 2018-06-20   The Process: Episode 4 ft. Andres Blumer and Bruno Ocampo-González, co-founders of Mi Águila 2018-06-15   David, Special Ops Sniper 2018-06-13   Rebecca Rothstein, Top Wealth Advisor 2018-06-06   Brett Campbell, Serial Entrepreneur 2018-05-30   Kaskade, Multi GRAMMY Award-Nominated Musician 2018-05-23   Rich Roll, Plantpowered Wellness Advocate & Ultra-Athlete 2018-05-16   The Process, Episode 3 ft. Tim Hwang, CEO of Fiscal Note 2018-05-11   Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO 2018-05-09   1 Sam Darnold, New York Jets Quarterback 2018-04-30   Chris Ashenden, Athletic Greens Co-Founder 2018-04-25   Jim DiMatteo, Retired US Navy Captain 2018-04-18   The Process: Episode 2 2018-04-13   Ali Smith, Executive Director, Holistic Life Foundation 2018-04-11   Cassidy Lichtman, U.S. Women's National Volleyball Team 2018-04-04   Conor Dwyer, American Swimmer and Olympic Gold Medalist 2018-03-28   Admiral Bill Owens, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Red Bison Advisory Group 2018-03-21   The Process: Episode 1 2018-03-16   Valorie Kondos Field, UCLA Gymnastics Head Coach 2018-03-14   Special Announcement: State of Finding Mastery 2018-03-09   Daymond John, CEO and Founder of FUBU 2018-03-07   Bob Bowman, ASU Men's and Women's Swimming Head Coach 2018-02-28   Jeremy Bailenson, Founder of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab 2018-02-21   Adventure Rock Climber Alex Honnold on Mindset, Progression, Pressure 2018-02-14   Snowboarder Jake Blauvelt on Risk, Confidence, Flow 2018-02-07   Author Gretchen Rubin on Happiness, Human Nature, Habits 2018-01-31   1 UC Berkeley Rugby Coach Jack Clark on Team Building, Culture, Honesty 2018-01-24   Part 1: Nutritional Scientist Chris Talley on Maximizing Weaknesses and Minimizing Strengths 2018-01-17   Part 2: Nutritional Scientist Chris Talley on The Mechanics of Nutrition 2018-01-17   MMA Fighter Vitor Belfort on Belief, Mindset, Overcoming Fear 2018-01-10   Rugby Union Coach Stuart Lancaster on Pressure, Resiliency, Culture 2017-12-20   Meditation Expert Sharon Salzberg on Being Present, Letting Go, and Having Faith 2017-12-13   1 Big Wave Surfer Tom Carroll on Being a Maverick, Honesty, Risk 2017-12-06   USA Women's Water Polo Coach Adam Krikorian on Competition, Relationships, Sustaining Success 2017-11-29   Boeing Vice Chairman Ray Conner on Courage, Servant Leadership, Imagery 2017-11-22   Coach Anne Parmenter on Resiliency, Mindset, Ethics 2017-11-15   USC Dean of Religious Life Dr. Varun Soni on Mindfulness, Leadership, Spirituality 2017-11-08   Author David Epstein on Sports Gene, Curiosity, Self-Discovery 2017-11-01   Thrive Global CEO Arianna Huffington on Well-Being, High Performance, Habit Development 2017-10-25   Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach Luke Walton on Coaching, Leadership, Relationships 2017-10-11   Author Robert Rabbin on Fighting Cancer, Curiosity, Authenticity 2017-10-04   Army Major Mike Erwin on Optimism, Relationships, Transitions 2017-09-27   Victoria's Secret CEO Jan Singer on Authenticity, Confidence, Control 2017-09-20   Microsoft EVP Judson Althoff on Striving for Excellence and Finding Balance 2017-09-13   Executive John Nordstrom on Building Corporate Culture, Relationships, Authenticity 2017-09-06   Dr. Albert Bandura on The Theory on Creating Human Results 2017-08-30   English Cricketer Alec Stewart on Authenticity, Work Ethic, and Vision 2017-08-23   Texas Basketball Head Coach Shaka Smart on Bringing Out The Best in Others 2017-08-16   Major MJ Hegar on Escaping Death, Remaining Calm, and Trusting Self 2017-08-09   Golden State Warriors President Rick Welts on Culture, Leadership, Alignment 2017-07-24   Dr. Harry Edwards on Human Rights, Sport and Society 2017-07-17   Siri Co-Founder Adam Cheyer on Having a Vision, Approaching Insurmountable Challenges, and Authenticity 2017-07-10   Author Jon Gordon on Team Building, Relationships, Connection 2017-06-26   Author Wendy Behary on Narcissism and High Performance 2017-06-19   Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman on Authenticity, Creativity, and Confidence 2017-06-08   1 SportsCenter Anchor Lisa Kerney on Growth Mindset, Vision, Being Present 2017-05-31   Warrior Tu Lam on Warfare, Service, Survival 2017-05-24   Tribe Talk Pilot: What It Means To Set The Mind 2017-05-18   In Remembrance: Tottenham U23 Coach Ugo Ehiogu 2017-05-15   Stanford Professor Tina Seelig on Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship 2017-05-11   1 Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Toto Wolff on Risk, Innovation, and Winning 2017-04-26   GRAMMY Winner Nile Rodgers on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Music, Collaboration 2017-04-12   Google Pioneer Chade-Meng Tan on Joy at Scale & Global Peace 2017-04-05   1 Sleep Expert Pat Byrne on Sleep Science & Leveraging Technology 2017-03-29   Former Pixar CFO Lawrence Levy on Decision Making & Relationships 2017-03-22   Part 2: TEDx Creator Krisztina "Z" Holly on Innovation, Impact, and Manufacturing 2017-03-16   Part 1: TEDx Creator Krisztina "Z" Holly on Innovation, Impact, and Manufacturing 2017-03-15   Flow Genome Project's Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler on Altered States of Consciousness and Stealing Fire 2017-03-09   Dr. Judson Brewer on Habits, Mindfulness, Addiction 2017-03-01   Part 2: Journalist Cal Fussman on Questions, Storytelling, Adventure 2017-02-24   1 Part 1: Journalist Cal Fussman on Questions, Storytelling, Adventure 2017-02-22   1 Navy SEAL & Endurance Athlete David Goggins on Being the Hardest Human Alive 2017-02-15   1 Singer-Songwriter Jewel on Music, Insight, Community (ft. Wisdom 2.0's Soren Gordhamer) 2017-02-08   Microsoft CFO Amy Hood on Purpose and Progression 2017-02-01   Author Robert Greene on Mastery & Research 2017-01-25   Entrepreneur Anne Devereux-Mills on Leadership, Philanthropy, Parenting 2017-01-18   Entrepreneur Mark Divine on SEALFIT & Mindset Training 2017-01-11   Seahawks President Peter McLoughlin on Negotiation, Change, Management 2017-01-04   Big Wave Surfer Nic Lamb on Training For Risk, Making Choices, The Ocean 2016-12-14   Hall of Fame Coach George Raveling on Progression and Being Relevant 2016-12-07   Lt. Col. Jannell MacAulay on the Air Force, Parenting, Health 2016-11-30   Author Karan Bajaj on Mindfulness, Marketing, Sabbaticals 2016-11-23   Social Psychologist Dr. Dacher Keltner on Emotions, Awe, Power 2016-11-16   Activist Michealene Risley on Storytelling, Empathy, Sexual Abuse 2016-11-10   Just Chill Founder Max Baumann on Millennial Entrepreneurship 2016-11-02   NFL QB Drew Bledsoe on Being a Life Student, Entrepreneurship, Wine 2016-10-25   Coach Vern Gambetta on Movement & Human Development 2016-10-21   Advertising Legend Lee Clow - Creative Genius, Loving, Listening 2016-10-12   Coach Paul Assaiante on the Longest Winning Streak in NCAA History, Perspective, Courage 2016-10-05   Neuroscientist Caroline Leaf on What's Possible for the Mind 2016-09-28   Psychologist Anders Ericsson on The Science of Expertise 2016-09-21   1 Watermen Kai Lenny on Risk and Innovation 2016-09-14   Author Ryan Holiday on Ego, Obstacles, Writing 2016-09-08   1 ABC's Dan Harris on Authenticity, Panic, Mindfulness 2016-08-31   1 Michael Gervais on His Initial Thoughts from Rio 2016-08-27   Undefeated Founder James Bond on Risk, Creative, Being Real 2016-08-25   Olympian Swimmer Anthony Ervin - Finding His Authentic Self 2016-08-10   Olympian Goalkeeper Stephanie Labbé on Deep Focus, Soccer, and Mindfulness 2016-08-03   Movement Maker David Yeung on Green Monday 2016-07-28   Colin O'Brady: Explorers Grand Slam 2016-07-20   Jimmy Smith: Creativity, Authenticity, Growth (Part 2) 2016-07-13   Jimmy Smith: Creativity, Authenticity, Growth (Part 1) 2016-07-07   Nicole Davis: Volleyball and Making a Ripple 2016-06-29   Michael Gervais: State of Finding Mastery 2016-06-23   Nicholas McCarthy: Music, Insight, Investing in Craft 2016-06-15   1 Alyssa Roenigk: Writing About and Living Adventure 2016-06-08   Pat LaFontaine: Being Ignited and Igniting Others (Part 2) 2016-05-27   Pat LaFontaine: Being Ignited and Igniting Others (Part 1) 2016-05-25   Angela Duckworth: Passion and Perseverance 2016-05-18   1 Ian Walsh: Big Waves, Facing Fear, Giving 2016-05-11   Pete Carroll: Competing to Be Your Best 2016-04-27   Kayt Sukel: Sex, Risk, and the Brain 2016-04-20   Katie Holloway: Fire in the Eyes 2016-04-13   Tim Ryan: Congress, Mindfulness, and Real Food 2016-03-30   Nate Boyer: Going for It (Part 2) 2016-03-16   Nate Boyer: Going For It (Part 1) 2016-03-09   John Donahoe: eBay, PayPal, Bain... Leadership 2016-03-02   Liz Wiseman: Multiplying Genius 2016-02-17   Clint Bruce: On Becoming Tribal - Navy SEALs to Entrepreneurship 2016-02-10   Carli Lloyd: Purpose Driven Work 2016-01-27   Rich Roll: Change 2016-01-20   Steven Kotler: Ultimate Performance 2016-01-13   1 Jon Gordon: Storytelling 2015-12-16   Elizabeth Lindsey: Elders' Wisdoms 2015-12-09   Kevin Levrone: Strength 2015-12-02   Ashley Merryman: Science of Competition 2015-11-25   Michael Gervais: Finding Mastery 2015-11-20   Dave Phillips: Golf & Entreprenuership 2015-10-21   Ariana Kukors: Swim 2015-10-14   Luke Tyburski: Endurance Adventurer 2015-10-07   Keith Power: High Performance 2015-09-30   Fik-Shun: Dance 2015-09-16   Baggio Husidić: Soccer 2015-09-09   Tom Osborne: Leadership 2015-09-02   Kai Kight: Violin 2015-08-26   Volleyball Great Karch Kiraly on Leadership, Passion, Risk 2015-08-19   Finding Mastery: Welcome 2015-08-01