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The Commonwealth Club of California is the nation's oldest and largest public affairs forum. As a non-partisan forum, The Club brings to the public airwaves diverse viewpoints on important topics. The Club's weekly radio broadcast - the oldest in the U.S., dating back to 1924 - is carried across the nation on public radio stations and is now podcasting. Please click the link below and visit our website to learn more about The Commonwealth Club and don't forget to become a member!

Episodes 1468

Week to Week Political Roundtable 5/23/19 2019-05-24   Alexa Von Tobel: Financially Forward 2019-05-23   The Girl Who Said No: A Search in Sicily 2019-05-23   Susan Hockfield: The Next Technology Revolution 2019-05-23   NRDC and India's Clean Energy Future 2019-05-23   Republicans and a Democrat on Climate 2019-05-21   Donaldina Cameron and the Occidental Mission Home 2019-05-20   Annie Jacobsen: Inside the CIA's Secret History 2019-05-16   What Is Real? The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics 2019-05-16   Data for Social Good: Crisis Text Line CEO Nancy Lublin 2019-05-15   Sandro Galea: Reframing the Health Care Conversation 2019-05-15   Renovating Democracy with Nicolas Berggruen, Reid Hoffman and Nathan Gardels 2019-05-15   The Israeli Elections 2019-05-15   The Italian Table: Creating Festive Meals for Family and Friends 2019-05-15   Do No Harm: Civic Leadership and the Role of Health Care 2019-05-15   Alpha Girls: Women Upstarts in Silicon Valley 2019-05-15   Emily Bazelon: Criminal Injustice in America 2019-05-14   Sea Changes: Why Oceans Play a Bigger Role in Climate Than You Think 2019-05-10   The Tubman Command 2019-05-10   Dustin Lance Black: Coming of Age in Red and Blue America 2019-05-09   Glenn Close: Bring Change to Mind 2019-05-08   Rewilding the American Child: Setting Kids Free in Today's Digital World 2019-05-07   Brett McGurk: Former U.S. Special Presidential Envoy Overseeing the Global Campaign to Defeat ISIS 2019-05-07   Week to Week Political Roundtable 5/6/19 2019-05-07   The Penelope Poems 2019-05-06   A New Faustian Opera: "If I Were You" 2019-05-03   Politico's Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman: Power and Politics 2019-05-03   How Climate Broke California’s Biggest Utility 2019-05-03   On the Road to Freedom and Home Again 2019-05-03   David Brooks: The Quest for a Moral Life 2019-05-02   State Senator Scott Wiener on The Michelle Meow Show 2019-04-30   Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg and Alan Eagle: Leadership in Silicon Valley 2019-04-30   Adam Rippon: Artist, Athlete, Activist 2019-04-29   Democratic Presidential Candidate John Hickenlooper, Former Colorado Governor 2019-04-27   Nancy Gwinn: Secrets of The Smithsonian 2019-04-23   Kate Kendell and 'Pack the Courts' 2019-04-22   Silicon City 2019-04-18   Bret Easton Ellis: Freedom of Speech in a Digital Age 2019-04-18   Ambassador William Burns: The Case For American Diplomacy 2019-04-18   Health Risks of Plastic Pollutants and How to Solve Them 2019-04-17   Reza Aslan: A Human History of God 2019-04-16   Climate One at Harvard With Obama’s Climate Team 2019-04-16   Putin’s Quest for Greatness 2019-04-16   Trump and the Middle East 2019 2019-04-15   Valerie Jarrett: Politics, the Obamas and Finding My Voice 2019-04-13   Foursome: Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O’Keeffe, Paul Strand, Rebecca Salsbury 2019-04-13   Max Brooks and ML Cavanaugh: How Game of Thrones Explains Modern Military Strategy 2019-04-13   Innovate for Good Conference, Segment 1 of 3 2019-04-12   Innovate for Good Conference, Segment 2 of 3 2019-04-12   Innovate for Good Conference, Segment 3 of 3 2019-04-12   New San Francisco Public Defender Mano Raju 2019-04-11   Week to Week Political Roundtable 4/10/19 2019-04-11   The Penalty for Success: My Father Was Lynched in Alabama 2019-04-10   The Power of Youth in Our Politics 2019-04-09   Farming to Save the Earth 2019-04-09   Our Inner Ecology—It's All About Shifting How We Think 2019-04-09   Clive Thompson: How Tech Remade the World 2019-04-09   America and the Great Power Competition 2019-04-09   Invisible Women's Voices Finally Being Heard 2019-04-09   Janet Napolitano: Homeland Security Since 9/11 2019-04-04   Black Futures Lab and the Black Census Project 2019-04-03   Guy Kawasaki: Lessons from Silicon Valley 2019-04-03   Achieve Fool Realization on April Fools' Day 2019-04-03   Deep Medicine 2019-04-02   Katherine Gehl and Michael Porter: Why Competition in the Politics Industry Is Failing America 2019-04-01   Insane Mode: Tesla’s Wild Ride 2019-03-31   Amy Webb: The Dangers of AI 2019-03-31   An Evening with Governor Jerry Brown and Anne Gust Brown 2019-03-30   Taraji P. Henson: The Best of Enemies 2019-03-30   Mayor Pete Buttigieg: Democratic Presidential Candidate 2019-03-29   Water from the Wilderness: San Francisco's Water Supply Post 1906 and in the Era of Climate Change 2019-03-28   Chancellor Carol Christ: The New Initiatives at UC Berkeley 2019-03-28   San Francisco Federal Reserve President Mary Daly: Managing Inflation in the Current Economy 2019-03-28   A Way to Find One's Purpose (and, Coincidentally, Happiness and Contentment) 2019-03-26   Representative Joe Kennedy III 2019-03-25   The Great Leap with BD Wong, Arye Gross and Tim Liu 2019-03-25   Korea: Two Ambassadors, Two Perspectives 2019-03-25   Naturally Wired: Getting Outside in the Digital Age 2019-03-22   California Education Chief Tony Thurmond 2019-03-22   James Lapine, William Finn, Spencer Liff and Jordan Roth: Inside 'Falsettos', on The Michelle Meow Show 2019-03-21   Congresswoman Jackie Speier 2019-03-21   Written in Stone: Public Monuments in Changing Societies 2019-03-21   Week to Week Politics Roundtable 3/20/19 2019-03-21   John Hope Bryant: The Path to Financial Liberation 2019-03-20   John Lanchester and Michael Lewis in Conversation 2019-03-19   Creating a Global Sustainable Future 2019-03-19   Dr. Sunita Puri: Life and Medicine in the Eleventh Hour 2019-03-18   EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler on Cars, Coal, and Climate 2019-03-15   Singer-Songwriter Matt Alber on The Michelle Meow Show 2019-03-15   Emily Chang's Brotopia: One Year Later 2019-03-15   A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs and Healthy Food 2019-03-14   Andrew McCabe, Former Deputy Director of the FBI 2019-03-14   Kara Swisher: Silicon Valley and the Challenge of Ethics 2019-03-14   Is the American Dream Out of Reach for Most Californians? 2019-03-12   Jeremiah's Philosophical Argument with Jehovah 2019-03-12   Decriminalizing Sex Work, on The Michelle Meow Show 2019-03-11   The Marshall Plan: Dawn of the Cold War 2019-03-11   If Global Warming Exists, Why Is It So Cold Outside? 2019-03-08   Giving Youth a Voice 2019-03-08   San Francisco Mayor London Breed 2019-03-08   Cultural Health: Visual Arts in the Bay Area 2019-03-08   The Personal Side of Home Care 2019-03-07   The Hacking of the American Child 2019-03-05   Rimi on The Michelle Meow Show 2019-03-05   Financing the Future of Water 2019-03-05   Ambassador Norman Eisen: Inside Europe's Turbulent Century 2019-03-05   Thinking That Gets Results 2019-03-05   What a Decline of Hegemony in the Americas Portends for the U.S. Globally 2019-03-05   7th Anniversary: Week to Week Politics Roundtable 2019-03-01   Jill Abramson: The New York Times and the Fight for Facts 2019-02-28   The Master Plan 2019-02-28   Brave, Not Perfect with Reshma Saujani 2019-02-28   SV Reads 2019: Finding Identity in Family History, With Bill Griffeth and Paula Williams Madison 2019-02-28   Bernard-Henri Lévy: America’s Withdrawal from World Leadership 2019-02-26   Parag Khanna: Understanding the Asian Century 2019-02-25   Singer Breanna Sinclaire on The Michelle Meow Show 2019-02-25   Increasing Housing Options for People in the Middle 2019-02-25   Donor Power: The Influence of Climate Philanthropy 2019-02-25   Salvator Mundi 2019-02-22   Helping Refugees, Welcoming the Stranger 2019-02-21   Tim Wu: Inside Tech Monopolies 2019-02-21   Howard Schultz, Former CEO of Starbucks 2019-02-21   Gary Snyder, Peter Goin and Dooby Lane 2019-02-20   Can California Go Carbon Neutral? 2019-02-17   One Paycheck Away: Addressing Homelessness in the Bay Area 2019-02-17   Modern Love: Valentine's Day with INFORUM 2019-02-17   The Exit Interview: Jane Kim on The Michelle Meow Show 2019-02-14   The Art of Flirting 2019-02-14   Roger McNamee: Inside the Facebook Catastrophe 2019-02-14   Leonardo's Knots 2019-02-13   Doha Experiment: Arab Kingdom, Catholic College, Jewish Teacher 2019-02-13   Printing Abolition: How the Slave Trade Was Abolished in Britain 2019-02-10   The Eighth Annual Stephen H. Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication 2019-02-08   Gopi Kallayil: The Happy Human 2019-02-08   Tina D’Elia on The Michelle Meow Show 2019-02-07   Week to Week Politics Roundtable 2/6/19 2019-02-07   Gov. Chris Christie: President Trump and Power Politics 2019-02-07   Republicans in California: Can the GOP Survive? 2019-02-06   Restoring Climate Health Through Innovative Solutions 2019-02-05   Botswana: Delta, Diamonds and Democracy 2019-02-05   How Some Countries Are Solving Climate Change 2019-02-01   Douglas Rushkoff: Team Human 2019-02-01   Marc Freedman on How to Live Forever 2019-02-01   Last Boat Out of Shanghai: The Chinese Who Fled Mao’s Revolution 2019-01-31   Jason Rezaian: Imprisoned in Iran 2019-01-31   Empathy Rising 2019-01-31   Stanford B-School's Tools to Cut Stress, Boost Soft Skills and Productivity 2019-01-29   The When Way: The Best Way to Eat 2019-01-29   Josephine Zhao on The Michelle Meow Show: A Conversation for Compassion, Understanding and Growth 2019-01-29   Brad DeLong and Stephen Moore: Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Walter E. Hoadley Annual Economic Forecast 2019-01-28   For the Bay’s Future: New Solutions to the Housing Crisis 2019-01-25   Rethinking Crime and Punishment in the United States 2019-01-25   Michael Nguyen on The Michelle Meow Show 2019-01-25   Week to Week Politics Roundtable 1/23/19 2019-01-24   Heart of the Matter: What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully 2019-01-24   Hillary Ronen on The Michelle Meow Show 2019-01-23   Globalization and It's Cultural Disconnects 2019-01-18   Dr. Dean Ornish and Anne Ornish: How Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases 2019-01-17   Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky: Recognizing the Power of We the People 2019-01-16   Martin Rees: Prospects for Humanity 2019-01-16   Why Has Nationalism Come Roaring Back? 2019-01-15   A New Year With the Michelle Meow Show 1/10/19 2019-01-11   Marc Freedman: How to Live Forever 2019-01-10   2019 Preview: Week to Week Politics Roundtable Special Edition 2019-01-09   The Paris Agreement at Three 2019-01-04   Going Carbon Negative 2018-12-30   The Big Climate Stories of 2018 2018-12-23   Dawnland: Screening and Discussion 2018-12-18   The Rise of STDs in San Francisco and the LGBTQ Youth Community 2018-12-17   Veiled Meanings: Jewish Dress from the Israeli Museum Collection 2018-12-17   Mind Over Chatter: Exploring Climate Psychology 2018-12-14   Equality for All: Year-end Michelle Meow Special 2018-12-14   For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics 2018-12-13   Adam Hochschild's Lessons from a Dark Time 2018-12-13   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Holiday Social 12/11/18 2018-12-12   Fire and Water: A Year of Climate Conversations 2018-12-10   How America Exploited Japan's Biological Weapons Crimes 2018-12-07   Denial of Justice 2018-12-06   Baseball Goes West 2018-12-06   High Performance: The State of the Art Sector in the Fast-Changing Bay Area 2018-12-06   The Pitcher and the Dictator 2018-12-05   The New Abnormal: A Town Hall on California’s Fires and the Future 2018-12-05   Rep. Jackie Speier: Jonestown, Courage and Fighting Back 2018-12-04   Paris Through Expatriate Eyes 2018-12-04   The Last Watchman of Old Cairo 2018-12-01   Just Giving 2018-12-01   A Four-Zero Climate Solution 2018-12-01   Sebastian Gorka, Former Deputy Assistant to President Trump 2018-11-30   The Fundamental Challenge of Planning Your Estate: What’s Fair in Family Inheritance? 2018-11-30   40 Years after the Defeat of the Briggs Initiative: Our Power in Speaking Up and Speaking Out 2018-11-30   The Rev. Jesse Jackson: A Conversation About the Promise of America 2018-11-30   The Transformation and Purpose of Capital 2018-11-29   Jose Antonio Vargas: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen 2018-11-29   Course Correcting Rock History: An Evening Celebrating the Ace of Cups 2018-11-27   How CRISPR Gene Editing Is Changing the World 2018-11-21   Azeem Ibrahim: Inside Myanmar’s Hidden Genocide 2018-11-21   Bill Press: The Case Against Trump 2018-11-20   Giving Thanks: Celebrating the 2018 California Wine Harvest with Sustainable 2018-11-20   Gen. Stanley McChrystal: The Value of Leaders 2018-11-20   A Global Perspective on Healing After Trauma: Where Health and Human Rights Meet 2018-11-19   David Campos: Election Results with the DCCC Chair 2018-11-19   Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic 2018-11-19   Destroying Yemen: What Chaos in Arabia Tells Us About the World 2018-11-19   Inside the EPA: Your Health at Risk 2018-11-19   Beyond Bro Culture: Tech’s New Leadership Lens 2018-11-19   Are Human Lives Improving? 2018-11-16   Steven Johnson's Farsighted 2018-11-16   Women in the Workplace in 2018 2018-11-15   The Most Dangerous Branch 2018-11-12   The Case Against Sugar 2018-11-09   Saudi America 2018-11-09   Jeffrey Rosen: The Future of the Supreme Court and the Constitution 2018-11-08   Election Aftermath: A Week to Week Politics Roundtable Special Edition 2018-11-07   The Miracles of Microsurgery 2018-11-07   Dentists Organized for Veterans, The DOV Project 2018-11-07   We Will Not Be Erased: What Is Next—A Community Discussion 2018-11-06   Tchaikovsky & Borodin: Russian Musical Brilliance in Performance 2018-11-04   Tom Siebel: The Social Implications of AI 2018-11-04   Widening the Lens: Revolutionizing Photography Voices 2018-11-03   Prosperity and Paradox: A Conversation with Arlie Hochschild and Eliza Griswold 2018-11-03   Rwanda: Reconciliation in the Aftermath of Ethnic and Religious Strife 2018-11-03   Metabolic Syndrome and Mental Health 2018-11-01   Mateship and Australia–U.S. Relations: A Foundation for the Next 100 Years 2018-11-01   Sesame Street: Changing Children’s Lives Around the World 2018-11-01   Francis Fukuyama on Identity: How It Separates Us and Can Bring Us Together 2018-11-01   What Do the Midterm Elections Mean for the Environment, California and the Nation? 2018-10-31   Aarti Kohli on The Michelle Meow Show 10/25/18 2018-10-30   Two Degrees: Cities, Architecture and Our Changing Environments 2018-10-30   Reliving My Hajj: Reflections Beyond Ritual 2018-10-29   Julián Castro: An American Journey 2018-10-29   Climate Silence: Why Aren’t There More Votes? 2018-10-28   Max Boot: The Corrosion of Conservatism 2018-10-25   Conscious Business: How Leaders Are Embedding Sustainability Principles in Their Organizations 2018-10-25   In Search of a Healthy Workplace 2018-10-25   Republican Strategist Rick Wilson: Dark Politics in the Age of Trump 2018-10-25   Manoush Zomorodi: Bored and Brilliant 2018-10-25   Alyssa Ayres: How India Is Making Its Place in the World 2018-10-25   Ending the Silence on Domestic Violence 2018-10-23   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 10/22/18 2018-10-23   Steven Pearlstein: Can American Capitalism Survive? 2018-10-22   Michael Beschloss: American Presidents at War 2018-10-22   An Unconventional Guide to Italy's La Dolce Vita Culture 2018-10-22   Families Separated at the Border: What Is Happening to Them? 2018-10-22   Will China Save the Planet? 2018-10-20   Fire and Ice: Documentary Storytelling and the Climate Crisis 2018-10-20   Venture Capitalist John Doerr: Measure What Matters 2018-10-20   Ambassador Wendy Sherman: Iran and Lessons on Diplomacy 2018-10-18   Unconventional Medicine 2018-10-18   Reid Hoffman: The Secrets of Blitzscaling 2018-10-17   From Climate Reality to Project Drawdown: Is This Happening to Us or for Us? 2018-10-16   Law Professor Aziz Huq: How to Save a Constitutional Democracy 2018-10-16   What Pollsters Learned in 2016 and What It Means for 2018 2018-10-16   Journalist Gustavo Arellano in Conversation with Will Hearst 2018-10-13   Climate Press Pool: Robert Gibbs and Jeff Nesbit 2018-10-12   Reihan Salam: The Case Against Open Borders 2018-10-12   An Evening with Matt Nathanson: A Record Release Party 2018-10-11   California at War 2018-10-10   Rebecca Traister and Alicia Garza: Good and Mad Women 2018-10-10   Shane Bauer: The Business of Prison 2018-10-09   Ignatius Bau on The Michelle Meow Show 10/4/18 2018-10-08   China's Crisis of Success 2018-10-08   Rep. Barbara Lee: Celebrating 20 Years in Congress 2018-10-06   Longevity Explorers: Exploring the Future of Aging 2018-10-06   Plan Your Fantastic Next Act 2018-10-05   The Browns of California: A Political Family Dynasty 2018-10-05   Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti 2018-10-05   Christiana Figueres: Mindfulness and the Paris Climate Agreement 2018-10-05   Francis Fukuyama: Identity and the Politics of Resentment 2018-10-05   Doris Kearns Goodwin: Leadership in Turbulent Times 2018-10-05   Tech for Good: Using Data Science to Build Social Engagement 2018-10-04   Airbnb’s Chip Conley and Brian Chesky: Modern Elders and Millennials at Work 2018-10-03   April Ryan: Under Fire in the Trump White House 2018-10-02   RAND Corporation CEO Michael Rich: Fighting Truth Decay in America 2018-10-01   Juan Williams: The War on Civil Rights 2018-10-01   The World On Fire 2018-09-28   Lynn Keiser on The Michelle Meow Show 9/27/18 2018-09-28   John Hennessy: Why Leading Matters 2018-09-28   Kai Fu Lee: AI Superpowers 2018-09-28   Living a Spiritual Life in a Material World: Four Keys to Fulfillment and Balance 2018-09-28   Internetting with Amanda Hess and The New York Times 2018-09-28   What Diplomats Do and Why It Matters 2018-09-26   Tech and the Dark Side of Prosperity 2018-09-26   Farm to Table 2.0: Chefs Cutting Carbon 2018-09-26   A Road Map for Revolutionaries: Tools for Everyday Activists 2018-09-25   A Guide to Innovation with Beth Comstock 2018-09-22   Tom Stienstra's Sierra Crossing 2018-09-21   P.J. O'Rourke: The Politics of Money 2018-09-21   Gay and Iraqi: Ghazwan Alsharif on The Michelle Meow Show 9/20/18 2018-09-20   Preventing Cold War II: A Game Plan for Healthy Competition with China 2018-09-20   DeRay Mckesson on the Other Side of Freedom 2018-09-19   Jonathan Haidt: How Colleges Are Failing Kids 2018-09-14   Let's Talk Solutions: Global Climate Action Summit 2018-09-14   John Kerry, Former U.S. Secretary of State 2018-09-14   Mark Leibovich: Inside the NFL in Dangerous Times 2018-09-12   America: The Farewell Tour 2018-09-11   Point of View: Connecting San Francisco–Haifa Sister Cities 2018-09-11   Activist Cat Brooks on The Michelle Meow Show 9/6/18 2018-09-11   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 9/10/18 2018-09-11   Climate Gentrification 2018-09-07   Steven Pinker: Enlightenment Now 2018-09-06   AT&T's Ken McNeely on The Michelle Meow Show 9/5/18 2018-09-05   Using New Technologies to Create Safe Marine EnvironmentsUsing New Technologies to Create Safe Marine EnvironmentsUsing New Technologies to Create Safe Marine Environments 2018-09-05   The Craving Cure: Winning the Battle Between Health and Bliss 2018-09-04   Transgender Activist Isa Noyola on The Michelle Meow Show 8/30/18 2018-09-04   Carbon Captives: The Human Experience 2018-09-04   Former Congressman Steve Israel: Guns, Politics and the Future of the Democrats 2018-08-31   Dan Diaz and Brittany Maynard: The End-of-Life Conversation 2018-08-30   Building Citizens and Civic Leaders from the Ground Up 2018-08-29   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 8/27/18 2018-08-28   ProPublica's A.C. Thompson on The Michelle Meow Show 8/23/18 2018-08-24   Permanently Temporary: Living with the rising seas 2018-08-24   Brief But Spectacular Stories 2018-08-23   Janet Napolitano and Dr. Lucy Jones: Reducing the Risk from Natural Disasters 2018-08-22   National Security and Climate Change 2018-08-21   Successful Rehabilitation: The Delancey Street Foundation 2018-08-21   MARTIN DUBERMAN ON THE MICHELLE MEOW SHOW 8/16/18 2018-08-16   Farmers on the Frontlines in Our Fight Against Climate Change 2018-08-16   Hype: A Doctor's Guide to Medical Myths and Bad Advice 2018-08-16   Going Outside the Wire with Jason Kander 2018-08-16   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 8/13/18 2018-08-14   Greg Gutfeld 2018-08-14   State of Resistance: What California's Dizzying Descent and Remarkable Resurgence Mean for America's Future 2018-08-14   Califronia Greenin': Shaping America's Enviroment 2018-08-10   The Aftermath of #MeToo in the Workplace 2018-08-09   Hemant Taneja: The Unscaled Economy 2018-08-08   North Korea and the Dynamics of U.S.-South Korea-Japan 2018-08-08   The Heart of the Mission: Food, Community and Commerce 2018-08-08   Phoebe Apperson Hearst: A Life of Power and Politics 2018-08-07   Andy Weir: Best-Selling Author of "The Martian" and "Artemis" 2018-08-06   Beyond Defensiveness: Having Difficult Conversations Without Getting Triggered 2018-08-06   Assemblymember Evan Low: The Michelle Meow Show 2018-08-06   The New Surf and Turf 2018-08-06   Sean Spicer: The Briefing 2018-08-03   Transgender Health—Mental Health in the Age of Trump: On the Front Lines at a Local Community Clinic 2018-08-01   Today’s Theater: Creating Clarity in Chaotic Times 2018-08-01   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 7/30/18 2018-07-31   Kimberly Reed and Dark Money: The Michelle Meow Show 7/25/18 2018-07-27   We're Doomed. Now What? 2018-07-27   Michael Chertoff: Cyber Security in the Digital Age 2018-07-27   Founding, Funding and Fatherhood with Alexis Ohanian 2018-07-27   Medicare and Medicaid Administrator Seema Verma 2018-07-26   Marina Gorbis: Universal Basic Assets—A Better Society for All? 2018-07-25   CNN’s David Gergen: Where Is America Headed? 2018-07-25   A Bipartisan Approach to Health-Care Reform 2018-07-24   Climate Story Tellers 2018-07-20   Caesar Maximus 2018-07-20   The Michelle Meow Show 7/19/18 2018-07-19   A Seat at the Table: Women in Venture Capital and Tech with Jess Lee 2018-07-19   49ers Assistant Coach Katie Sowers 2018-07-17   Medication Assisted Therapy: A Local Community Clinic Response to the Opioid Epidemic 2018-07-17   Melanie Nathan and Lisa Bloom on The Michelle Meow Show 7/12/18 2018-07-17   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 7/16/18 2018-07-17   New Wheels in Town 2018-07-13   California Attorney General Xavier Becerra 2018-07-13   Aging in the Zone 2018-07-12   We Can’t Talk Anymore? Understanding the Structural Roots of Partisan Polarization and the Decline of Democratic Discourse in 21st Century America 2018-07-12   The Lives of the Constitution: Ten Exceptional Minds that Shaped America’s Supreme Law 2018-07-10   Malcolm Nance: How Russia Is Destroying Democracy 2018-07-10   Making the Grade: Corporations and the Paris Climate Accord 2018-07-09   Summer Films on Corn, Coal, Lights and Flights 2018-07-02   Elections Matter: What's at Stake for California in November? 2018-06-29   California and Midterm Elections 2018 with The New York Times 2018-06-29   Dan Pfeiffer: Co-Host of Pod Save America and Former White House Communications Director 2018-06-29   ABC 7’s Spencer Christian with Dan Ashley: Surviving Jim Crow Racism, Hurricane Chasing and Gambling 2018-06-29   Stacey Abrams: Leading from the Minority 2018-06-28   Mineta Transportation Summit: Paving the Way to a Better Future — The Implementation of SB1 Funds — Segments 1 & 2 2018-06-27   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 6/26/18 2018-06-27   Harpoon: Combatting Terrorism 2018-06-26   Max Brooks and ML Cavanaugh: How Star Wars Explains Modern Military Conflict 2018-06-26   Ben Rhodes: National Security Under Obama 2018-06-26   Pride Special: Ali Marrero-Calderon and Jewelle Gomez in conversation with Michelle Meow 2018-06-25   Leftover In China: The Women Shaping the World's Next Superpower 2018-06-25   Rounding Up the Facts on GMOs 2018-06-23   The Carter Center’s Hrair Balian: Reducing Global Conflict 2018-06-22   Carl Zimmer: Understanding Heredity 2018-06-22   Style Startup to IPO with Katrina Lake 2018-06-22   Dr. Thomas Seyfried: Healthy Cancer Treatment 2018-06-21   Health Care in America—What Happens Now? 2018-06-20   The Hope of Our Future: Youth Leaders In Their Own Words 2018-06-20   Tesla: Inventor of the Modern 2018-06-19   Michael Eric Dyson: America's Unfinished Race Conversation 2018-06-19   Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy in America 2018-06-19   Climate Winners and Losers 2018-06-15   Dr. Ruth Shapiro: Is Asia Philanthropic? 2018-06-15   Coming of Age Black and Free in America with Darnell Moore 2018-06-15   3 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ CEO Rachel Bronson: Can We Turn Back the Hands of the Doomsday Clock? 2018-06-13   2 Avoiding Scams, Fraud and Financial Exploitation 2018-06-13   1 Montaigne and the Art of Conversation 2018-06-12   87th Annual California Book Awards 2018-06-12   Alliance for Smiles 2018-06-09   The Heartfulness Way: Heart-Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation 2018-06-09   Theranos: Fraud and Deception in Silicon Valley 2018-06-08   Al Gore and Bill Nye 2018-06-08   The Village Movement: Revolutionizing the Experience of Aging in California 2018-06-08   3 Gavin Grimm: Youth Activism and LGBTQ Rights 2018-06-06   The Watergate: Inside America’s Most Infamous Address 2018-06-06   Walls and Bridges: Policy and Racism 2018-06-05   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 6/4/18 2018-06-05   Mark Kurlansky and Anna Lappé: Plate to Planet 2018-06-03   California Gubernatorial Candidates on Climate One 2018-06-03   The Future of San Francisco 2018-06-01   Inside ISIS and the Making of The New York Times' “Caliphate” 2018-06-01   Sonic Sea Documentary: Our Oceans Are A Symphony 2018-05-31   Turning Heartbreak into Victory 2018-05-29   Cool Clean Tech 2018-05-25   3 The Great Debate: Single Payer Health Care in California 2018-05-25   3 Simon Winchester: The Perfectionists 2018-05-23   1 Ehud Barak, Former Prime Minister of Israel 2018-05-23   1 Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Lessons I Learned from My Family 2018-05-23   1 Francesca Zambello and the Haunting Themes of the Ring 2018-05-23   1 Ambassador Michael McFaul: A Brief History of Russia 2018-05-23   1 Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 5/21/18 2018-05-22   3 Distinguished Citizen Gala 2018 2018-05-21   5 Let's Talk About Class 2018-05-20   2 A Paris Progress Report 2018-05-18   5 Economist Dambisa Moyo: The Edge of Chaos 2018-05-18   1 Deborah and James Fallows: Our 100,000 Mile Journey into the Heart of America 2018-05-18   2 Daughter of the Cold War 2018-05-17   1 Daniel Ziblatt: How Democracies Die 2018-05-17   1 Jonah Goldberg: The Fight for American Liberty 2018-05-17   1 San Francisco Decides: Mayoral Election 2018 2018-05-15   8 YouSolar: Solar Simplified, Power Amplified 2018-05-14   1 To the Edges of the Earth 2018-05-14   1 Trump and the Middle East 2018 2018-05-14   2 The Hidden Health Hazards of Climate Change 2018-05-12   4 John Doerr, Chair of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers 2018-05-12   1 Seven Disasters in Seven Weeks: Overcoming the Challenges of Disaster Logistics 2018-05-09   1 Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 5/7/18 2018-05-09   3 Marcia Gay Harden, Academy Award-Winning Actress 2018-05-09   1 Escape to Berkeley: The 1906 Earthquake Relief Effort 2018-05-04   1 The Good Fight: America’s Ongoing Struggle for Justice 2018-05-04   5 Top 3 Keys to Get Out of Back Pain 2018-05-04   1 Selling The Science Of Climate Change 2018-05-04   4 Ronan Farrow: The War on Peace 2018-05-04   2 Willie Brown: Annual Commonwealth Club Lecture 2018 2018-05-03   1 Lucy Cooke: The Truth About Animals 2018-05-03   1 Spring 2018 Report on the Sierra Nevada's Rain, Fires, Snowpack, Trees, Water and Ecosystems 2018-05-03   4 Madeleine Albright, Former Secretary of State 2018-05-02   2 The 21st Annual Travers Conference on Ethics and Accountability in Government - Segment 1 2018-04-28   The 21st Annual Travers Conference on Ethics and Accountability in Government - Segment 3 2018-04-28   The 21st Annual Travers Conference on Ethics and Accountability in Government - Segment 2 2018-04-28   The Population Bomb, 50 Years Later: A Conversation With Paul Ehrlich 2018-04-28   1 Finding Humanity at the End of Life: Two Provocative Evenings with Pastor Corey Kennard and Dr. Jessica Zitter 2018-04-27   3 Paul Hawken Presents Drawdown: The World’s First Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Global Warming 2018-04-27   1 Hollywood Humor to #MeToo with Nell Scovell 2018-04-27   2 Sally Kohn: The Opposite of Hate 2018-04-27   2 Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 4/24/18 2018-04-26   3 Robert Reich: Fighting for The Common Good 2018-04-26   2 How to Achieve Social Startup Success 2018-04-24   4 Ira Glass: Come Sunday 2018-04-23   2 Dinner in Camelot 2018-04-23   1 Geo-Engineering Climate Solutions 2018-04-20   5 How Do We Heal the Wounds of History? Understanding and Addressing Intergenerational Trauma 2018-04-16   1 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: The Basics 2018-04-16   2 Diplomatic Righteous Among the Nations 2018-04-16   2 Without Precedent: Chief Justice John Marshall and His Times 2018-04-16   1 Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband 2018-04-16   2 Unbound: San Francisco Ballet and Choreography for Right Now 2018-04-16   3 Math, Magic and Surprise: Mathematician David Eisenbud in Conversation with Magician Mark Mitton 2018-04-16   2 Climate One at Duke University: How Climate Change Will Change The Way We Eat 2018-04-13   3 Exposed: Dieselgate's Impact on the Auto Industry 2018-04-06   3 Meltdown: Why Our Systems Fail 2018-04-06   3 Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren and Dan Ashley: Stories from America’s First Mental Health Court 2018-04-05   2 Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life: A Life Mapping Workshop 2018-04-05   2 Dear Madam President: An Open Letter to the Women Who Will Run the World 2018-04-04   2 The Korematsu Case and the World War II Japanese-American Incarceration: Could It Happen Again? 2018-04-03   1 John Cox, Republican Candidate for Governor: An Agenda for Economic Growth 2018-04-03   1 Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 3/26/18 2018-04-03   3 Dr. Nadine Burke Harris: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity 2018-04-03   2 Trauma and Resilience: Why Some Female Survivors Are More Resilient Than Others 2018-04-03   1 A Discussion of Emerging Products and Trends in the Field of Aging 2018-04-03   7 There Are No Dead Here, with Author Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno 2018-04-03   1 Mindful Travel in the Age of Climate Change 2018-03-30   3 The Art of Resistance in the Bay Area 2018-03-29   5 Ryan Holiday: Peter Thiel and the Gawker Conspiracy 2018-03-27   2 The Next Internet: How Content Will Become the Future of the Internet 2018-03-26   1 John Beyrle, Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia 2018-03-26   2 Mongolia, Genghis Khan and an Empire of Tolerance 2018-03-26   1 Europa and the Alphabet: Phoenicians Awaken the Greeks From Their Dark Age 2018-03-23   1 Plato's Radical Respect for Reason 2018-03-23   1 A Medicare Primer: What You Need to Know About Medicare Before You're 65 2018-03-23   1 Solar Energy Project: Kenyan Youth Innovation Centers 2018-03-23   2 Dark Money and the U.S. Chemical Safety Board 2018-03-23   2 Crafting a Creative Life with Brit Morin 2018-03-23   2 Heart Talk With Cleo Wade 2018-03-23   2 New Beginnings: Architect Designs His Own Retirement 2018-03-21   1 Cisco’s Alex Goryachev and Maciej Kranz: Innovation in the Digital Economy 2018-03-21   3 Is Silicon Valley As Green As It Claims? 2018-03-16   3 Creating Personal Goals That Actually Work 2018-03-16   1 Modern Loss: Candid Conversation About Grief 2018-03-16   3 Freud Without Contradictions 2018-03-16   1 Arlie Hochschild: Anger and Mourning on the American Right 2018-03-15   2 The University of California at 150: A Conversation with UC President Janet Napolitano 2018-03-15   1 Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 3/12/18 2018-03-15   3 The People Versus Democracy 2018-03-15   2 Maria Shriver: Reflections on a Meaningful Life 2018-03-15   2 Dooley and Pelosi: Bridging Trump’s Divide 2018-03-13   3 Coudy Days For Solar? 2018-03-13   3 Amy Chua: Political Tribes 2018-03-09   2 Betty Reid Soskin: A Legacy of Service 2018-03-09   1 Isa Gucciardi: Meditating Your Way Through Chaos 2018-03-08   2 Celebrating Beach Blanket Babylon 2018-03-08   2 Rick Steves: Traveling as a Political Act 2018-02-25   2 Rep. Adam Schiff: Investigating Russia and Defending Democracy 2018-02-25   2 Power Shift: The End of Gasoline Cars? 2018-02-25   3 Historian Max Boot: Was The Vietnam War Avoidable? 2018-02-19   2 Weathering The Storm: Mayors of Houston, Miami and Columbia 2018-02-19   3 The Panama-Pacific Partnership: Revitalizing the Emerging Hub of the Americas 2018-02-19   1 Voices from Syria 2018-02-19   2 Do We Learn From History? 2018-02-18   1 Timothy Leary: The Most Dangerous Man in America 2018-02-18   2 Emily Chang: Breaking Up the Silicon Valley Boys' Club 2018-02-18   2 Why Need to Protect Half the Planet and Where to Start? 2018-02-16   3 Journalist Steve Coll: How America Became Ensnared in Afghanistan 2018-02-16   2 Making Chocolate: From Bean to Bar to S'more 2018-02-15   3 Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus 2018-02-14   1 Carl Pope: Climate of Hope 2018-02-14   2 Secrets to Finding Love in the Bay Area 2018-02-14   1 How to Fix the Future: Learning from Past Revolutions 2018-02-14   1 Reinventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks 2018-02-14   4 Pythagoras and the Search for Universal Harmony 2018-02-14   1 Climate Chaos and Local Resilience: Water Solutions in the American West 2018-02-14   2 Silicon Valley Reads 2018 No Matter What: Caring, Coping, Compassion 2018-02-14   3 How Hippie Food Changed the Way We Eat 2018-02-14   2 Troublemakers: How Silicon Valley Came of Age 2018-02-13   1 On The Ice With Michael Mann 2018-02-10   2 Climate On Your Plate 2018-02-10   7 The Accidental President 2018-02-10   1 Stalin: Waiting for Hitler, 1929–1941 2018-02-10   1 China's Investments in the U.S.—Toxic or Tonic? 2018-02-09   3 Mayor Michael Tubbs: Reinventing Stockton 2018-02-09   2 David Cay Johnston: Living in Trump's America 2018-02-09   2 6th Anniversary: Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 2/8/18 2018-02-09   3 Learning How to Say Hard Things with Kelly Corrigan 2018-02-07   2 Niall Ferguson: Politics, Power and Networks 2018-02-06   2 Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Walter E. Hoadley Annual Economic Forecast 2018-02-06   3 David Frum: The Corruption of American Democracy 2018-02-06   2 An Evening with MacArthur Fellows: Breaking Down Barriers to STEM Education 2018-02-06   4 Chaos And Progress: A Year Of Climate Conversations 2018-01-31   16 The Rainbow Circumnavigation: Stories from the First Openly Gay Man to Sail Around the World 2018-01-26   1 Week To Week Political Roundtable and Social Hour 1/22/18 2018-01-23   3 Inheriting Climate Change 2018-01-20   5 Dr. Gloria Duffy: Getting Things Done 2018-01-20   2 Decarbonizing America's Electricity Infrastructure 2018-01-20   1 Patty McCord: Building Culture 2018-01-20   2 Roots of Peace: Mines to Vines 2018-01-20   2 Natural Approaches To Breast Cancer Prevention 2018-01-18   1 Enemy Of State: How The Media Are Evolving In A Fact-Free Environment 2018-01-18   5 Ai Weiwei: Human Flow 2018-01-17   1 Inside Private Prisons: An American Dilemma in the Age of Mass Incarceration 2018-01-17   1 Jane Goodall And Yvon Chouinard 2018-01-17   2 A Tale of Two Cities: Leaders from Detroit and San Francisco Discuss How to Strengthen Communities 2018-01-16   3 Jeff Goodell: The Water Will Come 2018-01-16   4 Network For Africa And Waging Peace: Helping Forgotten Victims Of Violence 2018-01-16   2 In the Fields of the North 2018-01-16   2 High Tide On Main Street 2018-01-16   4 Entrepreneur Joe Sanberg: Ensuring Everyone Who Works Can Achieve Life's Basic Needs 2018-01-16   2 2018 Oscar Contenders: Best Documentary (Short Subject) 2018-01-16   4 Harm to Home: A Refugee's Journey to the Bay 2018-01-10   Football, Tobacco and Oil: Narratives of Deceit 2018-01-08   Bill Nye: The Science Guy 2018-01-07   Net Zero: Homes and Waste 2018-01-06   Daniel Ellsberg: The Doomsday Machine 2017-12-21   Deconstructing America's High-Priced Health Care 2017-12-21   Health Equity at Birth: What Will It Take? With Lateefah Simon 2017-12-12   America’s Role on the World Stage: A Conversation with NBC News and MSNBC 2017-12-12   The Hello Girls: America’s First Women Soldiers 2017-12-12   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Holiday Social Hour 12/11/17 2017-12-12   WEEK TO WEEK POLITICS ROUNDTABLE AND SOCIAL HOUR 11/27/17 2017-12-07   DR. VICTORIA SWEET: SLOW MEDICINE 2017-12-07   REZA ASLAN: UNDERSTANDING GOD 2017-12-07   JANET NAPOLITANO AND ERWIN CHEMERINSKY: A CONVERSATION ABOUT FREE SPEECH ON CAMPUS 2017-12-07   KHIZR KHAN: HOPE AND SACRIFICE 2017-12-07   MSNBC'S LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: PLAYING WITH FIRE 2017-11-21   Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler: Money Myths 2017-11-20   An Introvert’s Roadmap to Getting Out There 2017-11-16   MSNBC Host Chris Matthews 2017-11-16   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 2017-11-14   White House Correspondent Kenneth Walsh: An Insider’s Look at the Presidency 2017-11-14   Oppressive Heat: Climate Change and Civil Rights 2017-11-10   Donna Brazile: The Hacking of an American Election 2017-11-10   The Hacking of the American Mind 2017-11-10   Dan Buettner: Secrets of the Happiest Places on Earth 2017-11-09   Whistleblowers, Drone Warfare and Surveillance: A Graphic History 2017-11-08   Policing in America: Force, Surveillance and the Future 2017-11-07   A Conversation with Amy Goodman and Kenneth Kimmell 2017-11-03   State Bird Provisions in Your Kitchen 2017-11-03   Celebrating the Life and Work of Oliver Sacks 2017-11-02   Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse 2017-11-02   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 10/31/17 2017-11-01   North Korea, Nuclear Weapons and the Threat of War 2017-10-31   Steve Forbes: The Economy, Stocks, Taxes and Health Care—What's Next? 2017-10-31   Defeating Domestic Violence: Perspectives for Societal Change 2017-10-31   John Adams, Peter Sellars and Girls of the Golden West 2017-10-30   Matthew Walker: Why We Sleep 2017-10-28   Bridging Our Divides: A Practical Approach to Intractable Issues 2017-10-28   One Russia, Two Taubmans 2017-10-28   Deep Dive Into The Arctic 2017-10-28   The Sierra Club at 125 Years: From Yosemite to Climate Justice 2017-10-27   The Immigration Impasse 2017-10-27   Walter Isaacson: Cracking Leonardo da Vinci 2017-10-26   Gabrielle Union’s Real Life Book Club Tour 2017-10-26   The Startup Way with Eric Ries 2017-10-26   Can We Talk? Breaking the Silence Between Patients, Families and Physicians Near the End of Life 2017-10-26   Van Jones: Beyond the Messy Truth 2017-10-26   Joe Simitian: Listening to Trump’s America 2017-10-26   Chasing the Harvest in the Heat 2017-10-20   DeRay Mckesson: Power of the People 2017-10-20   The Clean Money Revolution: Reinventing Power, Purpose and Capitalism 2017-10-20   Richard Louv: The Hybrid Mind 2017-10-20   Anne-Marie Slaughter: Technology for the People 2017-10-19   Creating Great Choices: A Leader’s Guide to Integrative Thinking 2017-10-19   A Natural Approach to Treating Osteoarthritis 2017-10-18   Solitary: The Inside Story of Supermax Isolation and How We Can Abolish It 2017-10-18   An Evening with Ron Chernow, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Historian 2017-10-18   Julie Lythcott-Haims: What It Means to Be Black and American 2017-10-17   Deteriorating Freedom of the Press in the Middle East 2017-10-17   A Pause That Refreshes! How to Take a Break That Actually Works 2017-10-17   Sir Richard Branson: Finding My Virginity 2017-10-15   Raj Patel: A Guide to Capitalism, Nature and the Future of the Planet 2017-10-14   Elizabeth Kolbert and David Roberts: Covering Catastrophe 2017-10-14   General Robert Brown: Security in the Indo-Asia Pacific 2017-10-14   Celebrate INFORUM's New Home with a Great Conversation! 2017-10-14   Give Me Shelter: How the Bay Area Is Tackling Its Housing Crisis 2017-10-11   Charles Sykes: How the Right Lost Its Mind 2017-10-10   The Patterning Instinct: A Cultural History of Humanity's Search for Meaning 2017-10-10   Muhammad Yunus: Doing Good in an Uncertain World 2017-10-10   Inside the Human Mind, with Tali Sharot 2017-10-06   There Is No Good Card for This 2017-10-06   California’s Climate Crusade 2017-10-06   Nicholas Dirks: Free Speech and the University Under Assault 2017-10-04   Save Your Sanity: Dealing with Jerks at Work and Elsewhere 2017-10-04   The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve 2017-10-04   Reversing Poverty One Job at a Time, with Leila Janah 2017-10-04   John Yoo: War with the Machines 2017-10-04   Happening with James Redford 2017-09-30   Can Technology Drive Conservation? 2017-09-28   Ellen Pao: Resetting Silicon Valley 2017-09-28   Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel: Where Is Health Care Headed? (SV) 2017-09-27   Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence 2017-09-27   Obamacare Architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel: Where Is Health Care Headed? (SF) 2017-09-26   Chan Zuckerberg Biohub and the End of Human Disease 2017-09-26   Journalist Mark Bowden: The Vietnam War’s Turning Point 2017-09-26   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 9/25/17 2017-09-26   The Greening of Professional Sports 2017-09-22   Surviving The Storm: A Workbook for Telling Your Cancer Story 2017-09-22   Thomas Mann: One Nation After Trump 2017-09-21   Richard Painter: Ethics Standards and the President 2017-09-20   Mighty Ideas and the Power of Change with Nilofer Merchant 2017-09-20   Joyce Maynard: Love, Loss and The Best of Us 2017-09-19   Tanzania: Country, People, Wildlife and Environment 2017-09-19   Unbelievable: The Trump Campaign and Katy Tur 2017-09-18   Harvey and Irma: A Hurricane's Human Fingerprints 2017-09-15   Dr. Robert Thurman: Reflections on Peace and His Holiness the Dalai Lama 2017-09-12   The Qatar Crisis 2017-09-11   Chef Chris Cosentino: Cooking from the Heart, with Guts 2017-09-08   Winning the Endgame: A Guide to Aging Wisely and Dying Well 2017-09-08   Helping Marginalized Youth Make Healthy Decisions: A Model That Works 2017-09-07   Aligning Profits with the Planet 2017-09-01   Fake Silk: The Hidden Story of a Workplace Tragedy 2017-08-31   Senator Dianne Feinstein 2017-08-30   Floyd Abrams: The Soul of the First Amendment 2017-08-29   Back to School: What Is the Purpose of Public Education? 2017-08-25   A Citizen's Guide to Making Change Happen with Eric Liu 2017-08-23   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 8/21/17 2017-08-22   Tesla: Impossible Until It's Not 2017-08-18   Good Health Starts in Your Home 2017-08-18   How the Health Risks of GMOs Have Been Underestimated and Misrepresented 2017-08-16   Kevin Faulconer: The New California Republicans 2017-08-16   Richard Dawkins: Science in the Soul 2017-08-11   Finding Fibonacci 2017-08-11   Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America 2017-08-10   Fog in the Channel: Britain, Europe and the Wider World, 6000 B.C.–A.D. 2103 2017-08-08   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 8/7/17 2017-08-08   Protect the Vote, with Jason Kander 2017-08-04   Trumpcare: Is It the Right Treatment for What Ails the American Health-Care System? 2017-08-04   Al Gore and An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power 2017-08-03   Distorted Democracy: Some Structural Roots of the Dysfunction of Contemporary Politics 2017-08-03   The Sky Event of the Decade: The “All-American” Eclipse of the Sun on August 21 2017-08-01   Refugees Without Refuge: Stories of LGBTQ Refugees Stranded in the Middle East 2017-07-28   Is Climate Denial Destroying Our Planet? 2017-07-27   The New California Health-Care Model 2017-07-27   Age-Friendly Cities and the Future of Aging 2017-07-25   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 7/24/17 2017-07-25   Chain Reaction: Why Two Wheels Are Better Than Four 2017-07-21   Vinod Khosla: The Future of Technology 2017-07-21   For-Profit Punishment? The Private Prison Question 2017-07-19   The End of Loyalty: The Rise and Fall of Good Jobs in America 2017-07-19   Ancestry’s Catherine Ball: Who Do You Think You Are? 2017-07-18   Begin with the End in Mind: The Impact of Trauma on Children’s Brains and Bodies 2017-07-18   Trumping the Climate: Coming in Hot 2017-07-14   Richard Harris and Mary Roach: Is Sloppy Science Killing Us? 2017-07-14   I'm Not Blind, But I Can't See: Resources for Those with Low Vision 2017-07-13   How to Fall in Love with Anyone 2017-07-12   The Man Who Lit Lady Liberty: The Extraordinary Rise and Fall of Actor M.B. Curtis 2017-07-12   Senator Al Franken: Giant of the Senate 2017-07-11   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 7/10/17 2017-07-11   Lefty O'Doul: Baseball's Forgotten Ambassador 2017-07-11   A Brighter Day 2017-06-30   Merola Opera Program: Sparking the Future 2017-06-30   U.S. Health Care Under Trump: Former Medicaid/Medicare Chiefs Square Off 2017-06-28   Kim Scott: Radical Candor 2017-06-27   Not on Our Watch: How the Bay Area Stands United 2017-06-27   Is America in Retreat? Film Screening and Discussion 2017-06-23   Water Whiplash 2017-06-23   The Gay Bar in American History 2017-06-23   Creating Our Digital World with Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee 2017-06-22   How to Revive and Revitalize Your Life After Retirement 2017-06-22   LGBT Activist Cleve Jones: When We Rise 2017-06-21   Dallas Federal Reserve President Robert Kaplan 2017-06-20   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 6/19/17 2017-06-20   Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman's Awakening 2017-06-20   Mineta Transportation Summit Part 2 Panel Discussion 2017-06-16   Mineta Transportation Summit Part 1 Keynote Address 2017-06-16   Life After Diagnosis! How to Live Well with Serious Illness 2017-06-16   Banking on Change at Standing Rock 2017-06-16   Opera for Our Time: Bringing New Works to Life 2017-06-16   Take a Wild Uber Ride with Adam Lashinsky 2017-06-15   Crooked: What It Takes to Outwit the Back Pain Industry and Get on the Road to Recovery 2017-06-14   Buddhist Economics 2017-06-13   86th Annual California Book Awards 2017-06-13   Inheriting Climate Change: What Will Boomers Leave Behind? 2017-06-09   Uniting Us Through Dance 2017-06-09   Golf Courses, the Environment and Water Conservation: The New Reality 2017-06-09   Garry Kasparov: The Future of Artificial Intelligence 2017-06-08   China's Rise and the U.S.: A Discussion with Harvard’s Graham Allison 2017-06-08   Frontier Research at UC’s Lick Observatory 2017-06-07   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 6/5/17 2017-06-06   Tom Nichols: Are Facts Dead? 2017-05-24   Willie Brown: Annual Commonwealth Club Lecture 2017-05-24   Women and Islam 2017-05-23   #Resist with Annie Leonard and Shannon Coulter 2017-05-19   Bill Moyers: Screening and Discussion of Rikers: An American Jail 2017-05-19   Resolving Afghanistan: Crafting a Sensible U.S. Approach 2017-05-19   Sleep Apnea: Creating Seamless Accountability for the Patient 2017-05-19   Autoimmune Fix 2017-05-18   How to "Age in Place" Safely—Navigating the Confusing World of Home Care 2017-05-18   Rugged Individualism 2017-05-17   One Nation Under Stress: How Social Connection Can Heal Us 2017-05-17   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 5/15/17 2017-05-16   Sustaining Capitalism: Bipartisan Solutions to Restore Trust and Prosperity 2017-05-12   Amory Lovins: Peak Car Ownership 2017-05-12   The Importance of Diversity in the Environmental Movement for the 21st Century 2017-05-12   Alzheimer’s Disease—Eight Steps to Overcoming Refusal of Care 2017-05-11   Fear of a Faith: Sharia, Surveillance, Terrorism and the Muslim Ban 2017-05-10   Nick Bilton and Dick Costolo: Inside the Online Black Market 2017-05-10   Samin Nosrat and Wendy MacNaughton: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking 2017-05-09   American Enlightenments: Pursuing Happiness in the Age of Reason 2017-05-09   The Islamic Enlightenment: The Modern Struggle Between Faith and Reason 2017-05-05   The New Political Climate 2017-05-05   The Witches: Salem 1692 2017-05-05   Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant: Option B 2017-05-05   An Evening with Caitlyn Jenner 2017-05-04   Reengaging China on Human Rights 2017-05-03   John Mackey, Co-Founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market 2017-05-02   Achieve More, Stress Less: Have Fun Getting Better Results from Fewer Resources 2017-05-02   Does Greening the Economy Leave Some People Behind? 2017-05-02   Trump and the Middle East 2017-04-28   Cody Cassidy and Paul Doherty: 1,000 Wild Ways to Die 2017-04-28   Journalist Chris Whipple: Secrets of the White House Gatekeepers 2017-04-27   Jane Mayer: Behind Dark Money 2017-04-27   The Giving Code 2017-04-27   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 4/26/17 2017-04-27   Jewish Justices of the Supreme Court, from Brandeis to Kagan 2017-04-26   Ben Shapiro: Rules for Debating the Left 2017-04-25   Bonds of Union 2017-04-25   Mastering Migraines: Prevention and Natural Strategies 2017-04-24   Jane Goodall in Conversation with Jeff Horowitz and Greg Dalton 2017-04-22   Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal: Getting Big Business out of Health Care 2017-04-22   Dangers of a Digitized World: Combating Technology Run Amok 2017-04-22   Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico 2017-04-19   Krista Tippett: Heart, Mind and Spirit 2017-04-19   Digging Deep into Philanthropy—the Good, the Bad and the Ugly 2017-04-18   The Future of Digital Marketing 2017-04-18   How Leaders Can Gain Competitive Advantage Through Lessons from History 2017-04-14   C1 REVUE: CAN OUR CONNECTED LIVES BE GREEN AND SAFE? 2017-04-14   Sam Altman: Social Change and Startups 2017-04-14   Journalist T.R. Reid: How to Clean up the U.S. Tax System 2017-04-14   Inheriting Cancer: When Risks Are in Your Genes 2017-04-13   A Vision of the Eco-Village as the Future of Self-Sustaining Neighborhoods 2017-04-11   Week to Week Politics Roundtable and Social Hour 4/10/17 2017-04-11   Trump's First 100 Days: Part Three 2017-04-07   Alyssa Mastromonaco: Running the Obama White House 2017-04-06   Journalist Annie Jacobsen: ESP and the U.S. Government 2017-04-05   What Does It Mean to Be Muslim? 2017-04-05   Sniffing, Swirling and Sipping: Decoding Wine with Bianca Bosker 2017-04-04   What Do Millennials Want in Their Portfolios, 401(k)s and Workplaces? 2017-03-31   Youth in the Streets and in the Courts 2017-03-31   LGBTQ Rights: What's at Stake? 2017-03-30   Inside the Country of Georgia: Meet Leaders Who Advocate Democracy on Russia’s Border 2017-03-29   MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: The Two Americas 2017-03-29   The Spring 2017 Report on the Sierra Nevada's Rain, Snowpack, Trees, Water, Ecosystems and Climate Change 2017-03-29   The Courage and Compassion to Do the Right Thing 2017-03-29   P.J. O'Rourke: Has America Gone Crazy? 2017-03-28   Trump's First 100 Days: Part Two 2017-03-24   Zip Code, not Genetic Code: The California Endowment's 10 year, $1 Billion Initiative 2017-03-24   Carrie Nugent: Asteroid Hunters 2017-03-22   Beethoven in China 2017-03-22   Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Nancy Pfund on Impact Investing 2017-03-22   The U.S. and China in 2017 2017-03-21   Life After Hate 2017-03-21   Why Facts Don’t Trump the President 2017-03-18   San Francisco Green Film Festival: Film Stories From Your Dinner Plate 2017-03-18   What You Need to Know Before You’re 65: A Medicare Primer 2017-03-16   Designing Your Life with Bill Burnett and Dave Evans 2017-03-16   The Inside Story of Levi Strauss and His Mark on America 2017-03-15   From Moldova to Mountain View: Creating Innovative Solutions for Real Life Problems 2017-03-15   Mark Twain's Funny Fight for Free Will 2017-03-14   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Social Hour 3/13/17 2017-03-14   Journalist Stephen Kinzer: History’s Lessons for American Foreign Policy in 2017 2017-03-13   Building a Memorial to the Comfort Women 2017-03-13   President Trump and the Future of U.S.-Asia Relations: A View from the West Coast 2017-03-11   Priya Natarajan: Mapping the Heavens—A Delightful Tour of the Cosmos 2017-03-10   Hewlett Packard: Why Strategic Leadership Matters 2017-03-10   Impact Investing: Invest and Improve the World with Your Portfolio, Endowments and Foundations 2017-03-09   An Evening with Madeleine Albright and Katie Albright 2017-03-09   The Revolution Where You Live: Stories from a 12,000-mile Journey through a New America 2017-03-07   A New Kind of Heroism: Extreme Measures at the End of Life 2017-03-07   Killing the Colorado 2017-03-04   The Hamilton Affair 2017-03-04   Assassination of a Saint: Reflections on the U.S. Trial for the Killing of Archbishop Óscar Romero 2017-03-03   Afghanistan: Current Challenges and Future Prospects 2017-03-01   C1 Revue: Republican Renegades on Climate 2017-02-28   Stanford University Sustainability Vision: Now and for the Future 2017-02-28   Trump's First 100 Days: Part One 2017-02-28   SV Reads 2017: And Justice for All 2017-02-24   The End of the Vikings 2017-02-24   Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen: The Reporter Who Knew too Much 2017-02-23   The Paleovedic Diet: Early Human Diets and Ayurvedic Medicine 2017-02-22   The Honorable George Shultz: Lessons from Government, Business and Life 2017-02-22   Alison Gopnik: The New Science of Child Development 2017-02-18   Can Clean Tech Clean Up Our Future? 2017-02-16   What's Wrong with Mindfulness (and What Isn't) 2017-02-16   Travel Expert Patricia Schultz: Emerging Destinations—Places You Have to See 2017-02-16   A Valentine's Call-to-Action for the Baby Boomer Generation 2017-02-16   For the Love of Beer 2017-02-15   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Social Hour: Fifth Anniversary Edition 2/13/17 2017-02-14   How to Make Sense of the Disorder in the Middle East 2017-02-13   Doubt, Deny or Defend: Republicans on Climate Change 2017-02-10   Our Constitution, Our Climate, Our Kids: Is There a Right not to Be Harmed by Climate Change? 2017-02-10   Crossing the Thinnest Line 2017-02-08   Sallie Krawcheck: The Power of Women, Work and Wallet 2017-02-03   Blinding Flash of the Obvious: Changing Your Feelings with Your Beliefs 2017-02-02   Changemakers: Movement Leaders on Civil Rights in an Uncivil Time 2017-02-02   Tim Ferriss: Tools of Titans 2017-02-01   C1 Revue: The Future of Oil and Nuclear Power 2017-01-31   On the Go: The Business and Future of Connected Technology 2017-01-31   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Social Hour 1/30/17 2017-01-31   Terrorism Expert Brian Fishman: How Can ISIS Be Defeated? 2017-01-26   Walter Alvarez: A Most Improbable Journey 2017-01-25   A Neurologist's Insightful and Compassionate Look into the Misunderstood World of Psychosomatic Disorders 2017-01-18   Artificial Intelligence: What Everyone Needs to Know 2017-01-18   Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen 2017-01-18   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Social Hour 1/12/17 2017-01-13   Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Dr. Elissa Epel: The New Science of Living Younger 2017-01-12   Obamacare Architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel: Transforming Health Care Post-ACA 2017-01-12   Dr. Naomi Oreskes: The 2016 Stephen Schneider Award 2017-01-06   Politcal and Climate Disruption 2017-01-03   Dava Sobel: The Women Who Rocked the Cosmos 2016-12-22   2016: From Paris to Trump 2016-12-21   What Now for California? 2016-12-15   Astronaut Mae Jemison: Launching Women into Science and Tech 2016-12-14   David Grinspoon: Shaping Our Planet's Future 2016-12-13   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Holiday Social 12/12/16 2016-12-13   Makers of Innovation 2016-12-13   Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn 2016-12-12   Senator George Mitchell and Alon Sachar: How the Next U.S. President Should Handle Israel and Palestine 2016-12-09   Max Stier: How to Ensure a Smooth Presidential Transition 2016-12-09   Lamentation and the Limits of Philosophy 2016-12-09   Mind over Genes: Heredity Is not Destiny—The Science of Epigenetics 2016-12-09   Thomas Friedman: A Field Guide to the 21st Century 2016-12-07   I'm Right and You're an Idiot: The Toxic State of Public Discourse and How to Clean It Up 2016-12-06   The Future of Choice with Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood 2016-12-06   C1 Revue: Climate Change On Your Kitchen Table 2016-12-02   Will Trump Force One Run Clean? 2016-12-02   Resilience: A Story about Hope and Research 2016-12-02   Andy Cohen and Anna Sale: Taboo Topics 2016-12-01   Better End-of-Life Care: Using Video and Story to Aid Decisions 2016-11-30   Global Women Speak: Advice for Our New President on Issues Facing Women Around the World 2016-11-30   Dan Ariely: The Hidden Logic that Shapes Our Motivations 2016-11-29   Russia's Road to Terror and Dictatorship under Yeltsin and Putin 2016-11-23   Janet Napolitano Interviews Uri Bar-Joseph on Spycraft 2016-11-23   Troubled Turkey 2016-11-23   Tips for Helping Your Aging Parents (Without Losing Your Mind) 2016-11-22   First Reversals of Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer’s Disease 2016-11-22   Post-election Town Hall: What Happened? What's Next? A Week to Week Special 2016-11-18   A Holiday Toast to the 2016 Wine Harvest: Sustainable Practices and Pairings 2016-11-17   Francis Ford Coppola: The Program You Can’t Refuse 2016-11-16   Raising America’s Porn Literacy—and Managing America’s Porn Panic 2016-11-15   Historian Saul Friedländer: The Holocaust and Its Importance in 2016 2016-11-15   Bread, Wine and Chocolate in a Warming World 2016-11-11   A Courageous Brain: Not Manipulated by Needless Fear 2016-11-11   The Intergalactic Design Guide: A Quantum Approach for Human and Business Potential 2016-11-10   A Capitalist’s Lament: How Wall Street Is Fleecing You and Ruining America 2016-11-10   Wings: Gifts of Art, Life and Travel in France 2016-11-10   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Social Hour 11/7/16 2016-11-08   Public Health and Physician Activism: Lessons from Baltimore 2016-11-08   McKibben and Tamminen: Disruptive Climate and Politics 2016-11-04   The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World 2016-11-04   Egon Schiele: A Feminist Artist Ahead of His Time 2016-11-04   Chef Jeremiah Tower: How to Behave in the Modern World and Why Bother? 2016-11-03   A Place to Call Home 2016-11-02   C1 Revue: Surviving a Megadrought 2016-11-01   Joel McHale Live 2016-10-31   Villaraigosa, de León, and Mason: Power Politics 2016-10-28   Robert Lang: Origami — Between the Folds of Art and Technology 2016-10-28   Senator Barbara Boxer: The Art of Tough 2016-10-28   Yvon Chouinard: Founding Patagonia and Living Simply 2016-10-28   Tom Stienstra: The Mighty T, from Glacier to Golden Gate 2016-10-27   Lincoln’s Generals’ Wives: Four Women Who Influenced the Civil War, for Better and for Worse 2016-10-26   Einstein's Greatest Mistake 2016-10-25   How to Make a Spaceship! (without NASA) 2016-10-25   Future Cities 2016-10-21   Election Education: An Evening with Rep. Eric Swalwell 2016-10-21   Ralph Nader: Fighting for Democracy 2016-10-21   Exploring Mars with Pascal Lee, Andy Weir and Mary Roach 2016-10-20   Marcus Samuelsson in Conversation with Chris Cosentino 2016-10-20   Why Presidents Fail and How They Can Succeed Again 2016-10-19   Special Preview: Meet the 17th Annual Brower Youth Award Winners 2016-10-18   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Social Hour 10/17/16 2016-10-18   C1 Revue: Doubt, Deception, Defiance 2016-10-17   C1 Revue: Clean Energy Innovation And Politics 2016-10-17   C1 Revue: Human Health And Social Equity In A Hot World 2016-10-17   Why Russia and Ukraine Fight 2016-10-17   Taking the Temperature of California’s Climate Law 2016-10-14   Nancy Cohen: Is the U.S. Ready to Elect a Woman President? 2016-10-14   Grgich Hills Estate: A Toast to Mike Grgich 2016-10-13   An Evening with Luvvie Ajayi 2016-10-13   Parkinson’s Disease: Nutritional Therapy 2016-10-11   The Creative Architect 2016-10-11   Caitlin Shetterly: The Threat of GMOs 2016-10-11   Larry Brilliant: Sometimes Brilliant 2016-10-11   #Girlboss Sophia Amoruso 2016-10-11   Rising Seas: Is San Francisco Ready? 2016-10-07   From Arab Spring to Islamic State: A Regional Perspective 2016-10-07   End-of-Life Challenges and Solutions 2016-10-07   China’s Economic Slowdown: Will It Hurt the U.S. and the World? 2016-10-07   Can Courts Get the Law Right? Judicial Review’s Problem with Objectivity 2016-10-06   KQED’s Michael Krasny: Oy, Does He Have Jokes for You 2016-10-06   Sir Roger Penrose: What We All Need to Know About Physics 2016-10-05   Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Transport 2016-10-04   Expanding the Voice of Ordinary Africans: The Afrobarometer Journey 2016-09-30   Rorke Denver: U.S. Navy SEAL Commander 2016-09-30   Tech Talk with Kayak.com Founder Paul English and Author Tracy Kidder 2016-09-30   Solar for All: Energy for All the Planet and All the People 2016-09-29   Robert Reich: The Oddest Presidential Election in Living Memory 2016-09-28   The Dark Side of Social Media: Privacy, Manipulation and Terms of Use 2016-09-28   Elizabeth Lesser in Conversation with Isabel Allende 2016-09-27   Ayesha Curry: The Seasoned Life 2016-09-26   Spend the Night with Alan Cumming 2016-09-23   At the Crossroads: Oppression and Resilience in Diverse LGBT Communities 2016-09-23   Feminist Fight Club with Jessica Bennett 2016-09-22   Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies 2016-09-22   Susan David: Understanding Emotional Agility 2016-09-22   Matthew Fox: Evolution of Religion Toward a Broader Spiritual Path 2016-09-22   The Way of Wanderlust 2016-09-20   Being Well While Dying 2016-09-20   Can California Get to 100-percent Clean Power? 2016-09-16   Let It Begin Here: Peace Corps and Problem-Solving at the Last Mile 2016-09-16   True or False? A Field Guide to Lies in the Information Age 2016-09-16   Granada: A Pomegranate in the Hand of God 2016-09-16   Steve Forbes: Where Are the Country and Economy Headed? 2016-09-16   The Future of Work 2016-09-15   Navigating the Health Care Crisis 2016-09-15   A Blinding Flash of the Obvious: Rewiring Your Brain for Success 2016-09-14   Election 2016 Political Roundtable: A Week to Week Special 2016-09-14   Patriotic Betrayal: Inside a Secret CIA Campaign 2016-09-13   Lessons from Afghanistan: 15 Years into the War on Terror 2016-09-12   Tristan Walker and John Maeda: Redefining Design 2016-09-01   An Evening with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 2016-08-31   Helping the Homeless of San Francisco: What Works? 2016-08-31   The University of California's Role in Confronting Climate Change and Leading the World on a Sustainable Environmental Path 2016-08-30   BBC Correspondent Bill Hayton: Who Owns the South China Sea? 2016-08-26   Marty Nemko: What's the Big Idea? 2016-08-26   Will Closing Diablo Canyon Increase Carbon Pollution? 2016-08-25   Can Technology Make Aging Better and Cheaper? 2016-08-25   Music As an Alternative to Adversity 2016-08-24   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social 8/22/16 2016-08-23   Interfaith Power and Light 2016-08-19   Can the Internet of Things Be Green and Safe? 2016-08-19   Francis Fukuyama: American Political Decay or Renewal? 2016-08-19   Will Durst: 2016 Election Madness! 2016-08-18   Safer Guns: A Tech Remedy for the Gun Violence Epidemic 2016-08-17   Above the Law? Addressing Sexual Assault on Campus and Beyond 2016-08-17   Women Leaders at the Table: Addressing Inequity in the Good Food Movement 2016-08-16   Former San Francisco Giant Jeremy Affeldt: There Is Life After Baseball 2016-08-16   Pulitzer Prize Finalist Carla Power: Bridging Islam and the West 2016-08-16   Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon 2016-08-15   Redefining National Parks and Family Farms in a Changing Climate 2016-08-12   Israeli Innovations in Solving Big Problems 2016-08-12   Is There a Safe Way to Use Geo-Engineering to Address Climate Change? 2016-08-12   Meet the Geniuses: Inside the MacArthur Foundation’s Creative Thinking Awards 2016-08-11   Enduring Conviction: Fred Korematsu and His Quest for Justice 2016-08-11   Understanding Evil 2016-08-10   Week to Week Political Roundtable & Member Social 8/8/16 2016-08-09   Ending Slavery 2016-08-09   What Makes a Great President? Talmage Boston Cross Examines History 2016-08-05   Is California Entering a Megadrought? 2016-08-04   Why Are Class Action Attorneys' Fees so High and Judicial Oversight so Low? 2016-08-04   Paulette Brown, President, American Bar Association: Making the Justice System Just 2016-08-03   Policing the Police: Reforming American Law Enforcement 2016-08-02   Race and Relationships in Health Care: Basic Psychology I Didn't Learn in Med School (But Wish I Had) 2016-07-29   Transforming Government with a Digital Mindset 2016-07-27   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Social Hour 7/25/16 2016-07-26   Getting Baked: Can Legalizing Marijuana Help Fight Climate Change? 2016-07-22   Is Dating Dead? With Author Moira Weigel 2016-07-22   IDEO’s Kelley Brothers: Unleash Your Creative Potential 2016-07-21   OMG: I Forgot to Plan for a Good Death! 2016-07-21   Wired's Kevin Kelly: The Future of Tech 2016-07-19   Off the Grid: The Disruptive, Japan-inspired Food Truck Revolution 2016-07-15   The Computer Science of Human Decisions, with Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths 2016-07-15   Sea Heroes: Extreme Edition 2016-07-14   The Brazen Age 2016-07-14   C1 Revue: Climate Control 2016-07-13   A Series of Catastrophes and Miracles 2016-07-13   Is the Rising Tide Lifting All Boats? Race and Inclusion in the Bay Area 2016-07-13   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Social Hour 7/11/16 2016-07-13   Fearless Women Founders on Succeeding in Tech World 2016-07-01   The End of Business As Usual 2016-06-30   Turning Homelessness into Headline News 2016-06-30   Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama 2016-06-29   Public Health, Public Spaces 2016-06-28   Can the Pacific Coast Lead the Transition to a Clean Economy? 2016-06-25   Spiral: Trapped in the Forever War 2016-06-25   Janna Levin: Black Hole Blues 2016-06-23   Mary Roach: The Curious Science of Humans at War 2016-06-23   Sail into Retirement 2016-06-23   An Evening with Emma Cline, Author of “The Girls” 2016-06-22   William Kristol: Where Is the Republican Party Headed? 2016-06-21   The Sake Revolution: Sequoia Sake 2016-06-21   Black Lives Matter + the LGBTQI Community: INFORUM + SFPride 2016-06-21   Tom Steyer and Andy Karsner: Making Good on the Promise of Paris 2016-06-20   A Rare Book Day in June 2016-06-17   7th Annual Mineta National Transportation Finance Summit: Superior Infrastructure = Economic Success Panel Discussion 2016-06-17   7th Annual Mineta National Transportation Finance Summit: Superior Infrastructure = Economic Success Keynote Address 2016-06-17   Dr. Lucy Kalanithi: When Breath Becomes Air 2016-06-17   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Social Hour 6/15/16 2016-06-16   The Next Africa: Business, Entrepreneurs, Technology and Turnaround 2016-06-16   San Francisco Giants' Bruce Bochy: Insights on Baseball and Life 2016-06-14   85th Annual California Book Awards 2016-06-14   The Power Paradox: How We Gain and Lose Influence 2016-06-14   Jordan 2016-06-10   Lord Nicholas Stern and Steve Westly on the Economics of Dropping Fossil Fuels 2016-06-10   Anja Manuel: India and China, the New Superpowers 2016-06-10   Joshua Kendall: Parenting and Politics from George Washington to Barack Obama 2016-06-09   Today's EV Market 2016-06-07   Cigarettes & Tailpipes: Tales of Two Industries 2016-06-07   Handling Your Feelings About Climate Change 2016-06-07   Remaking the Planet 2016-06-07   Former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa 2016-06-07   After El Niño: Now What? 2016-06-07   Queensland, Australia Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk 2016-06-06   Inside the Fed: A former Governor Speaks Out on Current Policy Issues 2016-06-03   A Perfect Brew: Blue Bottle Coffee and Japan's Culture 2016-06-03   MIT’s Sherry Turkle: Managing the Impact of Technology on Our Lives 2016-06-02   A Small Indiscretion 2016-06-02   How to Write Your Own (or Someone Else's) Obituary 2016-05-27   Cultivate Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with Jessica Herrin, CEO of Stella and Dot 2016-05-27   Mark Kurlansky: The History of Paper 2016-05-26   The Science of Open Spaces 2016-05-26   James Madara, M.D., CEO, American Medical Association: The Future of Health Care 2016-05-26   Ashanti Branch: "Taking off the Mask" in the Ever Forward Club 2016-05-25   The “Un-Trump”? Republican Duf Sundheim Runs for U.S. Senate 2016-05-24   Rights and Wrongs: Guantanamo Bay 2016-05-23   Earth Day with Climate One: Earning Green 2016-05-20   The Unexpected Belle La Follette: Progressive Model for 2016 2016-05-20   Steve Phillips: Brown Is the New White 2016-05-19   The Human Genome 2016-05-19   Fighting Fossil Fuels All the Way to Prison 2016-05-18   Old Nukes, New Nukes 2016-05-18   Sean Carroll: The Origins of Life and the Universe Itself 2016-05-18   Portofino Souvenir 2016-05-18   You Are What You Wear: Fashion Matters 2016-05-18   Climate Equity 2016-05-18   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Social Hour 5/16/16 2016-05-17   Liccardo, Schaaf and Ting vs. Global Warming 2016-05-16   Cowspiracy: Revelation or Cheap Trick? 2016-05-16   The Health Hazards of One Degree 2016-05-16   Chris Anderson: How to Speak the TED Way 2016-05-16   Earth Day with Climate One: Learning Green 2016-05-13   Creating Quality of Life in a Sustainable Global Economy 2016-05-13   Brexit: What Happens if the UK Leaves the European Union? 2016-05-13   Rereading The Federalist in the 21st Century 2016-05-13   Jeremy Scahill: The Government's Secret War with Drones 2016-05-11   Food Addiction 2.0 Part 2 2016-05-10   Food Addiction 2.0 Part 1 2016-05-10   Spain in Our Hearts 2016-05-10   Charles Duhigg: The Science of Productivity 2016-05-10   How Behavioral Science Can Help Us Have a Good Day 2016-05-09   A Candid Window into the American Criminal Justice System 2016-05-06   Anthony Barnosky and Elizabeth Hadly: Tipping Point for Planet Earth 2016-05-05   Man Interrupted: Why Young Men Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It 2016-05-05   United States Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil: Big Data and You 2016-05-05   Dr. Larry Brilliant, Chairman of Skoll Global Threats: Fighting Zika and Other Pandemics 2016-05-04   The New Middle East 2016-05-03   Faster, Smarter, Cleaner, Greener: Developing the Transportation Workforce of the Future: Panel Discussion: Creating the 21st Century Transportation Workforce and Closing Remarks 2016-05-02   Faster, Smarter, Cleaner, Greener: Developing the Transportation Workforce of the Future: Afternoon Keynote 2016-05-02   Faster, Smarter, Cleaner, Greener: Developing the Transportation Workforce of the Future: Panel Discussion: Skills to Build and Operate a Sustainable Transportation System 2016-05-02   Faster, Smarter, Cleaner, Greener: Developing the Transportation Workforce of the Future: Welcoming Remarks and Morning Keynote 2016-05-02   Gov. John Kasich, Presidential Candidate: A Town Hall 2016-04-29   Steve Case with Eric Ries: An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future 2016-04-28   April Update: The El Nino Effect—California Water, Snow Pack and Drought 2016-04-28   Cocktail Culture 2016-04-28   Healthy for Life: Evidence to Support Predictive Biomarkers for Lifetime Health 2016-04-27   Jungle of Stone: The True Story of Two Men, Their Extraordinary Journey, and the Discovery of the Lost Civilization of the Maya 2016-04-26   Spend 60 Minutes with Lesley Stahl 2016-04-26   Meditation Beginner's Workshop with Lama Tsomo 2016-04-25   The Top Modifiable Risk Factors for Alzheimer's Disease 2016-04-21   Women Disrupting Politics, with Time Magazine’s Jay Newton-Small 2016-04-21   San Francisco International Airport: A Leader in Environment and Sustainability 2016-04-20   Juan Williams, Fox News Political Analyst 2016-04-20   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Social Hour 4/18/16 2016-04-19   Michael Puett: What Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us About the Good Life 2016-04-15   Arianna Huffington with Sheryl Sandberg: The Power of Sleep 2016-04-15   Amy and David Goodman: 20 Years of Democracy Now! 2016-04-15   The Rabbi's Knight 2016-04-15   Michael Waldman: The Fight to Vote 2016-04-15   Fred Ross: America's Social Arsonist 2016-04-14   Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP 2016-04-14   Beyond Prisons: A Conversation About Criminal Justice Reform 2016-04-14   Gamechanging California Elections 2016-04-12   Food, Health and Vulnerable Americans 2016-04-12   Jonathan and Drew Scott from HGTV’s The Property Brothers 2016-04-11   Anna Quindlen 2016-04-08   Running with Rhinos: Stories from a Radical Conservationist 2016-04-07   Income Inequality and the Future of the American Dream: Differing Perspectives 2016-04-07   Making Better Decisions About Breast Cancer 2016-04-06   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social 4/4/16 2016-04-05   Shannon Watts: Gun Safety Is a Winning Issue 2016-04-01   Fidel Castro Didn't Show up for Rehearsal: How I Produced the First New Cuban Opera in 50 Years ... and Survived 2016-03-31   National Security, Privacy, and Freedom of Expression Online 2016-03-31   Thomas Frank: What's the Matter with the Democrats? 2016-03-29   A Conversation About Atul Gawande's Being Mortal 2016-03-29   Saudi Arabia and Iran: Friends or Foes 2016-03-28   Douglas Rushkoff: Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus—How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity 2016-03-25   The Missing Kennedy 2016-03-24   Sean Carroll: The Quest to Discover How Life Works and Why It Matters 2016-03-24   Women Fostering Women As Change-agents Through Global Mentoring 2016-03-23   Breakthrough: Driving Public Value Through Private Sector Innovation 2016-03-23   Somini Sengupta: The New India 2016-03-22   San Francisco Green Film Festival: Wild Tales—Filmmaking and Conservation 2016-03-22   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social 3/21/16 2016-03-22   How Nutrition Can Shape Gut Microbiota and Its Implications in the Autoimmunity Epidemics 2016-03-18   An Osteopathic Approach to the Obesity Epidemic: A Timely Remedy 2016-03-16   EMILY’s List and Electing Pro-Choice Women: Ellen R. Malcolm in Conversation with Christine Bronstein 2016-03-16   Thomas More's Utopian Humor: The 500th Anniversary 2016-03-15   The Gratitude Diaries: How a Year Looking on the Bright Side Can Transform Your Life 2016-03-11   Could It Happen Here? 2016-03-09   Michael Eric Dyson: The Politics of Race 2016-03-09   The Health Consequences of Social Isolation with Former NFL Player Jonathan Martin and Beyond Differences Teen Leaders 2016-03-09   Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst 2016-03-09   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social 3/7/16 2016-03-08   Dr. Sara Gottfried: Upgrade Your Brain, Outsmart Your DNA, and Reset Your Hormones Naturally 2016-03-05   The Future of Solar Power 2016-03-02   Michael Finney and Adam Levin: Tips for Protecting Ourselves in the Cyber World 2016-03-02   Ashton Carter, U.S. Secretary of Defense 2016-03-01   Former CIA Director Michael Hayden: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror 2016-03-01   Adam Grant: Success and Originality 2016-02-27   Waging Peace: Why Genocide Keeps Happening 2016-02-27   Custer's Trials 2016-02-27   The San Francisco Foundation: Building Climate Equity and Community Resilience 2016-02-25   Lessons from a Silicon Valley Pioneer 2016-02-24   Sally Osberg and Roger Martin: Bold Ideas to Make the World a Fairer, Better Place 2016-02-24   The UK Sees China As a Friend — Why Don't We? 2016-02-22   Senator Cory Booker: United 2016-02-20   Dominic Casserley: Digital Risks and Solutions Beyond More Technology 2016-02-18   Paradise Now 2016-02-18   Women Leading Health-Care Innovation and Family Recovery 2016-02-17   The Episodic Career: How to Thrive at Work in the Age of Disruption 2016-02-17   Valentine's Day, the INFORUM Way: Science of Seduction with Dr. Jennifer Rhodes 2016-02-12   Sips and Reflections with Michaela Rodeno 2016-02-11   A Guide to Retirement Living Alternatives 2016-02-11   Open Space and Climate Resiliency 2016-02-10   Week to Week Political Roundtable and 113th Birthday of The Commonwealth Club 2016-02-09   Morality of Warfare 2016-02-09   An Evening with Conleth Hill and Frances McDormand 2016-02-09   Joseph Henrich: The Secret of Our Success 2016-02-05   E.J. Dionne Jr: Why the Right Went Wrong (SV) 2016-02-05   Taking Ownership of Your Clinical Laboratory Test Results 2016-02-04   EJ Dionne Jr: Why the Right Went Wrong (SF) 2016-02-04   Barry Eisler, Former CIA Directorate of Operations 2016-02-04   Accelerating the Clean Energy Revolution Worldwide 2016-02-03   UC President Janet Napolitano Interviews Professor Geoffrey Cowan on Presidential Politics 2016-02-03   Come, Let Me Guide You: A Life Shared with a Guide Dog 2016-02-03   Fair Trade and Corporate Responsibility: From Niche to Norm 2016-02-02   Building the Golden Gate Bridge: A Workers' Oral History 2016-02-02   John Williams and John Taylor: Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Walter E. Hoadley Annual Economic Forecast 2016-01-30   SV Reads 2016: Chance of Rain? The Impact of Climate Change on Our Lives 2016-01-28   Technology and the Transforming Human Perception 2016-01-28   U.S. Energy Secretary and Business Leaders 2016-01-27   Health and Hope from the Ocean Depths to the Mountain Tops 2016-01-27   Ellie Krieger: Fabulous Healthy Meals 2016-01-27   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social 1/25/16 2016-01-26   Israel and European Union Relations 2016-01-25   Sanjay Patel: Pixar Animator and Author of "Sanjay's Super Team" 2016-01-23   Congressman Michael McCaul, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee 2016-01-23   10 Ways to Heal Health Care: How Consumers Can Revolutionize Their Care Experience 2016-01-23   Ronald Reagan 2016-01-23   Gretchen Rubin: Happiness and Habits 2016-01-21   At Home with Growing Old: Activism Starts in Your Own Home 2016-01-20   Former U.S. Defense Secretary William Perry: A Personal Journey to Reduce the Nuclear Threat 2016-01-15   STEM to STEAM Movement 2016-01-13   Values that Guide Healthcare Decisions 2016-01-12   Disrupting Politics As Usual 2016-01-08   Poets, Painters and Spies: The Cultural Cold War in Latin America 2016-01-06   CorpsAfrica: Peace Corps for Africans 2015-12-17   A Conversation with Cindy Crawford 2015-12-17   Women’s Identity and Rethinking the Hadith 2015-12-16   Mark Twain's Chronicle of Young Satan 2015-12-15   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Holiday Social 12/14/15 2015-12-15   Chef Joanne Weir in Conversation with Chef Gary Danko 2015-12-11   Perception and Deception: Understanding Misunderstandings Across Cultures 2015-12-09   David Gregory 2015-12-09   Pope Francis: Climate Change and the Poor 2015-12-08   What You Need to Know Before You're 65: A Medicare Primer 2015-12-08   Sisters In Law 2015-12-08   Kermit Roosevelt 2015-12-08   Richard Dawkins: My Life in Science 2015-12-04   P.J. O'Rourke 2015-12-04   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social 11/30/15 2015-12-01   Andrea Ponsi: San Francisco Through the Eyes of an Italian Architect 2015-11-25   Diana Nyad: Never Give Up 2015-11-25   The Future of Food with Chef Tyler Florence and Friends 2015-11-23   Stephen F. Cohen: The Ukrainian Crisis - It's not All Putin's Fault 2015-11-18   Robert Reich, Van Jones, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Ai-jen Poo, LaDoris Cordell: The Nation Magazine’s 150th Anniversary 2015-11-18   Garry Kasparov: Former World Chess Champion and Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation 2015-11-18   Kenia Serrano, Member of Cuban Parliament 2015-11-12   Activist/Philanthropist Jacob Lief: How to Help Society’s Most Vulnerable 2015-11-10   Ted Koppel 2015-11-09   Marion Nestle: Soda Politics 2015-11-06   Simon Winchester: The Pacific 2015-11-05   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (11/4/15) 2015-11-04   Baseball Legend Dusty Baker: Reflections on Rock Music, Baseball and Life 2015-11-02   Who Runs the World? Women with Power and Purpose 2015-10-30   Journalist Joe Klein: The Primary Colors of Covering Politics 2015-10-29   U.S. Deputy Energy Secretary Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood Randall 2015-10-28   Arne Duncan: A Conversation with the Secretary of Education 2015-10-22   David Talbot: The Rise of America's Secret Government 2015-10-22   Seth Siegel: Let There Be Water 2015-10-21   Adam Johnson: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author 2015-10-20   Wendy Davis and Sandra Fluke in Conversation 2015-10-19   David Brock 2015-10-12   Ruth Reichl 2015-10-08   Anne Marie Slaughter 2015-10-08   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (10/6/15) 2015-10-07   Tim Draper: A “Shark Tank” for Good Government 2015-10-06   Women in Tech: Can Silicon Valley Women Have It All? 2015-10-05   Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Megan Smith 2015-10-01   Dale Russakoff: Who's in Charge of America's Schools? 2015-09-30   Gun Violence and Public Health 2015-09-29   The Revolution in Small Satellites 2015-09-25   The Stress Shield: Three Ways to Upgrade Your Brain, DNA and Hormones As You Age 2015-09-21   Novelist Erica Jong: From Fear of Flying to Fear of Dying 2015-09-16   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social Silicon Valley 2015-09-16   Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson 2015-09-15   Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos, in Conversation with Sal Khan 2015-09-11   Let’s Do the Numbers: 10 Years with Marketplace’s Kai Ryssdal 2015-09-10   Dr. Ben Carson, Republican Presidential Candidate 2015-09-09   Humans Need not Apply: The Age of Artificial Intelligence 2015-09-02   Death with Interruptions 2015-09-01   Mozart and Masonic Semiotics 2015-08-27   Congressman Mark DeSaulnier: Representing California’s 11th District 2015-08-26   Singing for Our Lives: Music in the Time of AIDS 2015-08-25   Why Music Therapy Matters for the Special-Needs Student 2015-08-24   Vox Mundi: Sound and Voice 2015-08-24   Country Joe McDonald: Music As a Vehicle for Social Justice 2015-08-21   Cole Porter: The Music and the Man 2015-08-20   U.C. President Janet Napolitano Interviews Charlotte Jacobs, M.D. 2015-08-20   Senator Claire McCaskill 2015-08-19   The Music of Cinema 2015-08-18   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (8/17/15) 2015-08-18   Why Music? The Confessions of a Willing Prisoner of the Violin 2015-08-13   Music of Remembrance 2015-08-13   Music Education and the Complete Human Being 2015-08-12   Pythagoras Thought Music Matters 2015-08-11   Cracking the Music Ceiling: Why Women Matter 2015-08-07   Sunset Youth Services Music Program for High-Risk Kids 2015-08-07   Who's Afraid of Opera? Exploring the Wonderful World of Music’s Grandest Art 2015-08-06   Why Do People Reject Good Science? 2015-08-04   My New Physician Is a D.O.: What Is Osteopathic Medicine? 2015-07-30   Why and How to Get Better Sleep 2015-07-29   Ashlee Vance on Elon Musk, Tesla, Space-X and the Future 2015-07-29   Gary Hart: The Republic of Conscience 2015-07-29   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (7/27/15) 2015-07-28   Radical Remission of Cancer: Surviving Against All Odds 2015-07-24   David Gergen with Dan Ashley: A Rational Look at Irrational Politics 2015-07-23   A Debate on Treating Mental Illness: Should We Bring Back Asylums 2015-07-23   15 Mind-Blowing Success Secrets for Small Businesses 2015-07-21   Julie Lythcott-Haims: How to Raise an Adult 2015-07-21   Design Think Your Life 2015-07-16   Pat Wadors: SVP of Global Talent at LinkedIn 2015-07-15   San Francisco's Jewel City 2015-07-15   Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels: How Human Values Evolve 2015-07-14   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (7/13/15) 2015-07-14   Output: Body & Mind – Lowering the Risk for Alzheimer's Disease 2015-07-09   Kiva Co-Founder Jessica Jackley: Entrepreneurship that Can Change the World 2015-07-09   Michael Oren: Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States 2015-07-02   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social 6/29/15 2015-07-01   Adam Benforado: The New Science of Criminal Injustice 2015-06-25   Gen. Stanley McChrystal 2015-06-24   Peter Coyote: On Zen, Politics and an Amazing Life 2015-06-24   The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg 2015-06-22   World Wide Challenges and the Environment: Difficult Necessary Dialogues 2015-06-19   Trans Pacific Partnership: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff 2015-06-19   Larry Gerston: Reviving Citizen Engagement 2015-06-19   George Shultz and James Goodby: The War That Must Never Be Fought 2015-06-18   A Spirited Evening with Adam Rogers 2015-06-12   Video Games and Neuroscience: A Vision of the Future of Medicine and Education 2015-06-12   Forgive for Good: The Research, Value and Practices of Forgiveness 2015-06-11   U.S.-Japan Ties: Image and Reality 2015-06-11   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (6/8/15) 2015-06-09   A Sunday with Judy Blume and Molly Ringwald 2015-06-08   The Modern Professional's Toolkit: A Night of Skill Building 2015-06-05   Mark Bittman: A Bone to Pick 2015-06-04   Gary Schlossberg: Forecasting the Economy at Mid Year 2015-06-04   84th Annual California Book Awards Ceremony 2015-06-02   Former San Francisco Giant Bengie Molina and Joan Ryan 2015-05-29   Richard Thaler and Hal Varian: Behavioral Economics 2015-05-27   Andrew Hodges: Alan Turing - The Man Who Inspired "The Imitation Game" 2015-05-26   Kelly McGonigal: The Upside of Stress 2015-05-26   Ken Walsh: Presidents and the Cult of Celebrity 2015-05-19   Charles Murray: Rebuilding Liberty 2015-05-19   Jack Welch 2015-05-14   An Evening of Culinary Delight with Rebecca Katz & Mollie Katzen 2015-05-14   Leonard Mlodinow: The Evolution of Science 2015-05-14   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (5/11/15) 2015-05-12   Lights, Camera, Take Action; Storytelling for Change: The San Francisco Green Film Festival 2015-05-08   Unretirement: Changing the Way We Think About Work, Community and the Good Life 2015-05-08   Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Jane Smiley 2015-05-08   Psychological Pseudoscience 2015-05-06   Sebastian Rejak, Polish Foreign Ministry’s Envoy to the Jewish Diaspora 2015-05-05   Joseph Stiglitz: The Great Divide 2015-04-30   What’s the Value of a College Education? 2015-04-30   David Brooks 2015-04-29   The Gene Therapy Plan: Taking Control of Your Genetic Destiny with Diet and Lifestyle 2015-04-28   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social 4/27/15 2015-04-28   Arabian Shakespeare 2015-04-24   Steve Jurvetson: From Hotshots to Moon Shots - The World of Silicon Valley Innovation 2015-04-22   Cédric Villani: The Living Art of Mathematics 2015-04-22   Grover Norquist: End the IRS 2015-04-22   The Islamic State 2015-04-17   Juan Enriquez: Evolving Ourselves 2015-04-17   Laszlo Bock: Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google 2015-04-15   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (4/13/15 ) 2015-04-14   Jane Harman: Combatting Global Threats 2015-04-10   Sal Khan with Black Girls Code’s Kimberly Bryant 2015-04-09   Barry Eichengreen 2015-04-09   Barry Royden: Reflections of a CIA Spy 2015-04-08   Robert F. Kennedy. Jr.: Thimerosal – Let the Science Speak 2015-04-07   Project Runway's Tim Gunn: How We All Can Make It Work 2015-04-07   Senator Bernie Sanders: The Fight for Economic Justice 2015-04-02   Week to Week (4/1/15) 2015-04-02   David Boaz: The Libertarian Mind 2015-04-02   Barney Frank 2015-04-01   Deep Decarbonization of the United States 2015-03-31   Talib Kweli: Race, Justice and Hip Hop 2015-03-31   Chef Tyler Florence 2015-03-31   Cannabis Healing Our Kids: A New Paradigm for Recovery 2015-03-31   The Universe's Plastic Planet Called Earth 2015-03-27   Tavi Gevinson: INFORUM’s 21st Century Visionary Award 2015-03-27   The Streets of San Francisco: Policing and the Creation of a Cosmopolitan Liberal Politics, 1950-1972 2015-03-24   Tom Hayden: Why Cuba Matters 2015-03-20   Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman: The Untold Story of Psychiatry 2015-03-20   7 Reasons You Can’t Miss This Event with BuzzFeed’s CEO 2015-03-19   Sal Khan: INFORUM's 21st Century Visionary Award 2015-03-19   An Evening with Nicholas Kristof 2015-03-19   Marissa Mayer in Conversation with Marc Benioff - A Visionary Award Event 2015-03-19   The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Women 2015-03-17   Bruce Schneier: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data 2015-03-17   International Careers: Explore the World As You Work 2015-03-12   Brewster Kahle: Open Source Housing for Good 2015-03-12   Michael Rich, President and CEO, RAND Corporation 2015-03-12   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (9/16/14) 2015-03-12   Nina Teicholz: The Big Fat Surprise – Are Butter, Meat and Cheese Healthy? 2015-03-12   Who is Putin? 2015-03-06   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (3/2/15) 2015-03-05   Larry Kramer, Hewlett Foundation President: The Threat to American Democracy 2015-02-27   The Panama-Pacific International Exposition: Its 100-Year Impact 2015-02-24   Gary Wenk: Your Brain on Food 2015-02-24   Democracy in the Digital Age: Perspectives from Members of Parliament 2015-02-20   Get Fit, Lean and Keep Your Day Job 2015-02-20   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (2/17/15) 2015-02-18   The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine Is in Your Hands 2015-02-13   Transforming California's State Parks: A Blueprint for a Sustainable Future 2015-02-12   Janet Napolitano and Mark Yudof: A Conversation on the Future of Higher Education 2015-02-12   SV Reads 2015: Homeland & Home – The Immigrant Experience 2015-02-12   San Francisco Giants’ Bruce Bochy and Larry Baer 2015-02-12   Steve Forbes and Alan Auerbach: Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Walter E. Hoadley Annual Economic Forecast 2015-01-26   The Un-Quantified Self: A New Era in Business and Tech 2015-01-23   The Power of Nature to Restore the Human Spirit: Stop! Breathe! Relax! Listen! 2015-01-23   Cornel West: A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 2015-01-23   Roads of Arabia 2015-01-21   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social Special Edition 1/14/15 2015-01-16   The Home that Watches Over Your Parents 2015-01-09   Silent Voices: People with Mental Disorders on the Street 2015-01-06   The Rise and Fall of a Jewish American Princess 2014-12-23   Week to Week Political Roundtable (12/15/14) 2014-12-16   What Makes a Perfect Loaf? 2014-12-12   Tasting the New California Wines with Jon Bonné 2014-12-11   The Ten Best Ethical Destinations Awards: Voting with our Wings 2014-12-11   An Evening with Jared Diamond 2014-12-11   An Evening with Kathleen Turner 2014-12-09   Still Got It, Still Doing It: Sexuality and Intimacy in Older Adults 2014-12-05   Andrew Young: Answering the Call for Leadership 2014-12-05   Geo for Good 2014-12-05   Gluten-Free: Chinese Traditional Medicine's 750-Year Perspective 2014-12-05   From Bloody Thursday to Now: 80 Years of Labor History in San Francisco 2014-12-05   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social 12/1/14 2014-12-02   The Business Case for Gender Diversity 2014-12-01   Betsy Andrews, Executive Editor, Saveur Magazine 2014-11-26   Tony Serra: The Green, Yellow, and Purple Years in the Life of a Radical Lawyer 2014-11-26   Mark Schapiro: Carbon Shock – A Tale of Risk and Calculus on the Front Lines of the Disrupted Global Economy 2014-11-26   The San Francisco LGBT Struggle for Freedom Revisited: Catholic Power and the Right to the City 2014-11-25   Flour + Water’s Chef Thomas McNaughton in Conversation with Adam Savage 2014-11-25   Undocumented and Uninsured 2014-11-25   An Evening with Jacques Pépin 2014-11-24   A Toast to the 2014 Wine Harvest, Sustainable Practices and Pairings in California Wine 2014-11-24   Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 2: The Difficulty of Speaking the Truth 2014-11-24   Cult or Benign Cure-all? Life in Transcendental Meditation’s Hidden Society 2014-11-21   Progress and Hope: Restoring the Mighty Colorado River and Delta 2014-11-21   Be in the Know: Plans for the Commonwealth Club's New Headquarters Building 2014-11-21   Adam Michnik, Polish Activist and Journalist 2014-11-18   Up the Ladder: Women Pursuing Careers in Science and Technology 2014-11-18   John Cleese - Monty Python Actor and Comedian 2014-11-18   Abbas Milani: The Rise of ISIS and the Changing Landscape of the Middle East 2014-11-14   Jamie Metzl: US-China Rivalry Genetic Frontier 2014-11-14   Are Professional Athletes Underpaid? Money and the Culture of Professional Sports 2014-11-14   33 Artists in 3 Acts: Politics, Kinship and Craft 2014-11-13   The Crusades of Cesar Chavez 2014-11-13   A History of the World According to Beer 2014-11-13   Charles Blow - New York Times Visual Op-Ed Columnist 2014-11-04   Chef Marcus Samuelsson: Recipes to Cook at Home 2014-11-04   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (11/03/14) 2014-11-03   Eric Metaxas: Do you Believe in Miracles? 2014-10-31   The World We Create: A Message of Hope for a Planet in Peril 2014-10-31   San Francisco’s Prop E: Pros and Cons of the Soda Tax 2014-10-31   The Return of George Washington 2014-10-29   From Hobby to Thriving Business: The Story of Della Fattoria 2014-10-29   Linda Rottenberg in Conversation with Reid Hoffman: Think Big 2014-10-28   Rita Moreno 2014-10-28   Common Core Education Summit: The Crux of the New K-12 Standards 2014-10-28   Eating for Life: The Longevity Kitchen 2014-10-28   Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology 2014-10-28   Latino/a Culture, Heritage and Conservation for the Environment 2014-10-23   Ferguson, The Bay Area and Beyond: A Conversation About Race and Justice 2014-10-23   The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: Deviance, Justice & Art 2014-10-22   Peter Thiel 2014-10-22   James Ellroy 2014-10-17   Leon Panetta 2014-10-17   The Tech Boom: Good or Bad for San Francisco? 2014-10-17   John Lanchester in Conversation with Michael Lewis 2014-10-15   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (10/13/14) 2014-10-15   Cornel West 2014-10-13   Former President of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga: Security in Eastern Europe and Beyond 2014-10-13   Nick Carr: An Automated World 2014-10-10   Andrej Kiska, President, Slovak Republic 2014-10-10   Benedict Carey: How We Learn 2014-10-06   Van Jones and John Hope Bryant: How the Poor Can Save Capitalism 2014-09-30   Humans According to Data 2014-09-24   Sheryl Sandberg & Marianne Cooper Talk: The Anxieties of Modern Families 2014-09-23   Ralph Nader 2014-09-16   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (7/28/14) 2014-07-29   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (7/14/14) 2014-07-16   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (6/30/14) 2014-07-01   Kenneth Turan: Lifetime of Film (6/23/2014) 2014-06-23   Freakonomics with Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner (5/20/14) 2014-05-21   Week to Week Political Roundtable and Member Social (5/19/14) 2014-05-19   Willie Brown: Annual Lecture on Political Trends (5/8/14) 2014-05-14